Monday, August 02, 2010

july recap.

so the month of july just flew by

monthly miles: 160.89

rest days: 8 days

miles to date for the year: 600.52

longest run: 14.08 in 2:24:36

current favorite drink: water...can't get enough water

current song: ipod was ruined while on vacation, but before that my power song was naturally by selena gomez...shan got me hooked on that one...

current triumph: 6 mi tempo run in 52:18

current bane of my existence: my right quad has been giving me fits...just noticed it being a little sore...not sure when it happened..but rich has been massaging it and it feels SO much better.

current goal: i have a long run this weekend...16 miles...longest to date w/ 10 miles at marathon pace...shooting for 9:30 pace for those 10 miles

current blessing: that i am healthy and am able to run. god has given me this gift and i'm so grateful.

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