Friday, July 30, 2010

back at it.

well vacation was so fun and relaxing.
we had the best time.
ate TONS of boardwalk fare
soaked up some sun
froze a little bit
played in the sand
put our toes in the ocean
rode some rollercoasters
ate pizza my heart
in capitola
& twice in santa cruz
and i think i gained 5 lbs. literally.
but yesterday i was back at it.
with a renewed focus.
i have 100 days til the marathon.
yesterday i ran an easy 8,
and this morning ran an easy 10
my "easy" pace is getting faster & faster
today it averaged 9:52
i'm so excited...
i'm thinking my marathon pace could possibly be 9:15-9:30
tmr is a recovery run of 5 miles
and then
sunday is my first 15 miler!
can't wait!!!

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