Thursday, July 08, 2010

you know it was a good workout when...

you look like you just got out of the swimming pool
and sweat is dripping from the bill of your hat :) those kinds of workouts.
had intevals to do today.
the goal was 8 mi total w/6 x 800m @ 4:05 (400m RI-3:00)

i was thinking of heading to the track this a.m.
but...decided to sleep in a little bit
and do the workout on the treadmill instead.
i wore my garmin just to keep track of my heart rate...
so i'd have an idea how hard i was working.

started out with 2 easy miles warm-up (10:30, 10:30)...felt great

HR 141 4:03 HR 165
HR 141 4:03 HR 166
HR 136 4:00 HR 170
HR 146 3:58 HR 172
HR 145 3:56 HR 172
HR 152 3:50 HR 174
this one felt so great...i decided to do another one...
HR 147 3:47 HR 174

2 easy miles cool-down. (10:00, 10:30)
9 total miles...about 90 minutes
how did your workout go today?
happy running.

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