Friday, July 23, 2010 i write this
we are going.
it's been up in the air.
the kids have been sick.
rich is sick.
not much of a fun vacation to santa cruz
w/my little race tucked in the middle
with a sick family.
but we are going.
we're gonna make the best of it.
rich is being a trooper.
he knows it means alot to me.
i've been training for about 14 weeks.
not specifically for this race,
but for my marathon in november.
but this race is important.
it's a marker to see how far i've come.
my original goal
when i signed up to do the 6 miles was 54:00
and i thought that was a stretch.
in fact, on the race sign-up it asks approx finish time...
and i put...57:00.
i was scared.
scared i wouldn't make my goal.
last week, i ran a 6 mi training run in 52:18.
that just amazes me.
i'm my own worst critic.
rich tells me all the time
that i sell myself short.
he's right.
i need to just shoot for the moon.
i may just suprise myself.
the other 14,999 people running on sunday
better watch out :)
new improved goal...

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