Thursday, July 29, 2010

wharf to wharf race report

so we were finally on our way...
i couldn't believe it.
rich still wasn't feeling the best,
but he was going to make a go of it
and we were all excited
to get this vacation started.
finally got to santa cruz
and it was FREEZING.
we couldn't believe it
it had never been this cold...56 degrees @ midday
so crazy.
had some food and checked out the race route.
such a gorgeous 6 mile course right along the ocean...
got up sun morning at about 6 or so.
had a bagelthin w/pb2 and a banana
got ready and was out the door
by a little bit after 7
met up with my friend, lisa & her friends at the shuttle
we rode the shuttle and made it to the start line
the crowd was HUGE
we got in line to use the bathroom
and waited
and waited...
for about 45 minutes.
the race started while we were in line for the port-a-potties
such a huge crowd...
it took ten minutes for me to hit the starting line
and from there on i stayed to the left hand side of the road
and weaved in and out
i was running up on curbs & even in the dirt
about half mile in, the road narrowed and i was walking...
i couldn't believe it.
first mile 10:24
second mile was just as crowded...
still dodging & weaving
mile 2...10:01
third mile was still packed...
i remember there being an uphill and thought people would slow
and move to the right...
nope they started walking right in front of me.
still weaving in & out
i was passing people on the hills
felt so great!
mile 3...9:17
i felt like i could not get going...
i would surge when i could and then would have to slow down..
it was driving me bonkers
mile 4...8:43
mile 5...8:57
last mile...things started to open up a bit...
followed a girl who was clipping along pretty fast
stayed with her
until the final downhill
when she pulled away.
i felt like i could finally run
and i was running fast
mile 6...8:25
last 300 feet i was running at a 6:49 pace
so happy for it to be over
final time was 56:08 by garmin
official time was 1:07:00 since everyone has the same start time
i had fun, but didn't feel like i had my best race
headed over to the beach to grab my goodie bag & t-shirt
and took the shuttle back to the hotel
i didn't feel tired or worn out
my best race is yet to come

picture of lisa, laura, & me in the porta-pottie line :)

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