Friday, December 31, 2010

random thoughts

this movie looks terrific and totally inspiring...

Hood To Coast Movie Trailer #2 for Race Website from HoodToCoastMovie on Vimeo.

as 2010 comes to a close...i can't help but be thankful
for the many blessings God has given me...
for family and friends.
and for the ability to run.

and i've been running alot.
and it feels awesome.
finally back up to 40 miles a week
and have been doing strength/core work twice a week.
i've started running with a group in the mornings
which has been really fun.
ended up the year with 1345.24 miles
that is alot of miles
especially since i really didn't run until march
due to my plantar fasciitis at the beginning of the year.

i'll be back tmr with some thoughts/goals for the new year.

yesterdays run:  6.03mi./ 54:03/ avgHR 167/ avg. 8:57

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'tis the season

lots of rain happening here.
crazy amounts.
finished shopping.
this is going to be a barbie/army christmas.
the wrapping has started.

drinking lots of coffee to keep warm.
pumpkin spice creamer = love

celebrated christmas with my parents monday night
very fun.
traditional saurkraut & kielbasa for dinner
(kids had sloppy joes)
opened gifts
shannon played barbies
boys ran around the house with their nerf guns
apple pie & ice cream
watched miracle on 34th street
the kids loved it
nice, quiet evening with grandma & grandpa

break in the rain yesterday
went to riverpark to walk around
and looked at lights & decorations
in n out burger for dinner

woke up ready to run
pouring rain/still dark
i think i'll wait til its light out
and then go : )
btw...vanilla gingerbread Gu...thumbs up!  very yummy

yesterday's run:   8.58mi / 1:18:10/ avgHR 161/ avg. 9:06

Friday, December 17, 2010

things are slowing down.
school is finished. yay!
(got A's in both classes)
time for a needed break.  next semester its organic chemistry and statistics.

the kids are on vacation after today, and so is rich.  two weeks to enjoy and just relax, play and run :)  maybe we'll hit the snow.  i would love to try snowshoeing.
been running 4-5 days a week and doing my strength/core work twice a week.  i ran with the 5 a.m. group from sierra challenge express yesterday morning. very fun to run with such a large group of people, eventhough i was bringin up the rear.  these are some fast people. the weather has been foggy in the mornings with a light mist, so its even more beautiful to run by headlamp.

the tree is up. and we lucked out this year. got an 11 ft flocked tree. and it is gorgeous!  i put the lights on it, and the kids added all the ornaments.  my friend, kristina, bought me a special ornament with 26.2 on it to commemorate the year i ran my first marathon.  such a thoughtful gift. love it.  we've been enjoying the tree by playing lots of board games while laying in front of it with a crackling fire in the background.
i've been building back up my mileage. this week i will be up to 35 miles, and next week up to 40 or so. i plan to keep running with the group on tuesday/thursday mornings, and maybe sundays for my long run.   

looking forward to the weekend, my sister is coming for a visit and just want to enjoy the time we spend together.  want to soak in all the time with her and the kids and really enjoy and relish in time spent with family.  we have a craft for the kids planned and then roasting marshmallows in the fireplace and making smores.  its supposed to rain, so this will be fun. 

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

i'll be back soon to update.
things are CRAZY busy right now :)
lots of end of the semester assignments
and finals are coming up next week.
but i'm running...
started back on weight watchers...
and am wondering when i will have time
to christmas shop :)

here's another picture from the marathon
i stole it from my sister's blog. (thanks lisa!)