Wednesday, June 30, 2010

just a few of my favorite things

PB2- i absolutely adore this stuff. peanut butter...guilt free.
pb2-powedered peanut butter
ingredients: roasted peanuts, sugar, salt
serving size: 2 tblsp.
calories: 45
calories from fat: 13
fiber: 2 grams
protein: 5 grams

vs. traditional peanut butter
serving size: 2 tblsp.
calories from fat:130

once you try will never go back to traditional peanut butter. it's super easy to use. just mix with a little bit of water and voila...yummy goodness. they also have tons of recipes on their website.

the gas cap. i just saw this the other night. i want one of these SO bad. right now on my long runs, i use this cumbersome hydration belt. its so heavy and jostles up and down when i run. but it is a necessity. it holds my water and my fuel for my runs, not to mention it holds my keys and my cell phone as well. but this cap would be an awesome alternative. it has the ability to carry keys and hold up to 6 energy gels, plus its super cute. don't you think?

thomas' bagel thins

100% whole wheat bagelthins. these things are awesome.
great for sandwiches or just toasted with some pb2. this is my favorite post-workout snack.

GU energy gels.

these are my favorite way to fuel up
during a long run. chocolate outrage is the yummiest flavor ever made. tastes like chocolate frosting.

these are a few of my favorite things right now.
do you have any favorites??

its all about the plan

i'm really excited to finally get going on training.
i've been combing over tons and tons of training plans
for what seems like forever,
and after much thinking and reading, and contemplating...
i've decided on the pete pfitzinger's 18/55 plan (18weeks long/55 miles per week at peak)
from his book advanced marathoning.
with a first marathon...the goal should be JUST to finish.
but i would like to finish, but under 4:30:00, and maybe even...
dare i say it...4:20:00.
so i've laid it out...those are my A,B, & C goals.
i've been working on building up my base weekly mileage for the last couple months,
along with training for the Wharf to Wharf 6 mi race
in Santa Cruz on july 25th.
this race will give me an idea on what my fitness is...
so i will be able to plan training times for my runs.
the first 3 weeks of my marathon training with take into consideration
my 6 mi race coming up, so it is a mix of both training plans.
i also added in a lower mileage week, the week of my race.

so the plan is for this week is:
monday: strength/core
tues: 7 miles easy run + 10x100m strides
wed: 5 mi. recovery
thurs: 8 mi total, 6 mi tempo @9:15
fri: rest
sat: 5 mi easy + strength/core
sun: 12 mi long run
weekly total: 37 miles

Monday, June 28, 2010

looking back...and ahead

so i found this old picture of me the other night...
all i can say is wow!
i don't even know who that person is anymore.
i just can't stop staring at it...
it's like i never really saw myself like that.
its really strange.
but i am a different person now.
i'm trying to eat healthy..
for me...
and for my family.
i feel really guilty because i was not a good role model for my kids when it came to eating.
it was always junk food galore at our house.
but i've come to think of food in a different way now.
food is fuel.
food is fuel.
what does my body NEED?
sure...i would love a big sundae
but i will regret eating it when my body doesn't feel good after.
food is fuel.
that has been my mantra over the past year.
i've really tried to educate myself on everything nutrition...
what to eat...
and why.
read tons
and tons
of books.
and along the way...
i have found two things that i'm very passionate about...
and helping people eat better & be healthier.
it starts with just one change...
then another...
and another.
looking ahead.
i'm excited...
i've decided to run a marathon.
two cities marathon november 7th
here in fresno.
i officially started my training today.
i will be taking a nutrition class @ city college
this semester...
with the hopes of becoming a dietician someday :)
i'm gonna try to post my training
and recipes
and other stuff
that i come across
that helps me stay healthy.