Wednesday, June 30, 2010

its all about the plan

i'm really excited to finally get going on training.
i've been combing over tons and tons of training plans
for what seems like forever,
and after much thinking and reading, and contemplating...
i've decided on the pete pfitzinger's 18/55 plan (18weeks long/55 miles per week at peak)
from his book advanced marathoning.
with a first marathon...the goal should be JUST to finish.
but i would like to finish, but under 4:30:00, and maybe even...
dare i say it...4:20:00.
so i've laid it out...those are my A,B, & C goals.
i've been working on building up my base weekly mileage for the last couple months,
along with training for the Wharf to Wharf 6 mi race
in Santa Cruz on july 25th.
this race will give me an idea on what my fitness is...
so i will be able to plan training times for my runs.
the first 3 weeks of my marathon training with take into consideration
my 6 mi race coming up, so it is a mix of both training plans.
i also added in a lower mileage week, the week of my race.

so the plan is for this week is:
monday: strength/core
tues: 7 miles easy run + 10x100m strides
wed: 5 mi. recovery
thurs: 8 mi total, 6 mi tempo @9:15
fri: rest
sat: 5 mi easy + strength/core
sun: 12 mi long run
weekly total: 37 miles

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