Friday, July 30, 2010

back at it.

well vacation was so fun and relaxing.
we had the best time.
ate TONS of boardwalk fare
soaked up some sun
froze a little bit
played in the sand
put our toes in the ocean
rode some rollercoasters
ate pizza my heart
in capitola
& twice in santa cruz
and i think i gained 5 lbs. literally.
but yesterday i was back at it.
with a renewed focus.
i have 100 days til the marathon.
yesterday i ran an easy 8,
and this morning ran an easy 10
my "easy" pace is getting faster & faster
today it averaged 9:52
i'm so excited...
i'm thinking my marathon pace could possibly be 9:15-9:30
tmr is a recovery run of 5 miles
and then
sunday is my first 15 miler!
can't wait!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

wharf to wharf race report

so we were finally on our way...
i couldn't believe it.
rich still wasn't feeling the best,
but he was going to make a go of it
and we were all excited
to get this vacation started.
finally got to santa cruz
and it was FREEZING.
we couldn't believe it
it had never been this cold...56 degrees @ midday
so crazy.
had some food and checked out the race route.
such a gorgeous 6 mile course right along the ocean...
got up sun morning at about 6 or so.
had a bagelthin w/pb2 and a banana
got ready and was out the door
by a little bit after 7
met up with my friend, lisa & her friends at the shuttle
we rode the shuttle and made it to the start line
the crowd was HUGE
we got in line to use the bathroom
and waited
and waited...
for about 45 minutes.
the race started while we were in line for the port-a-potties
such a huge crowd...
it took ten minutes for me to hit the starting line
and from there on i stayed to the left hand side of the road
and weaved in and out
i was running up on curbs & even in the dirt
about half mile in, the road narrowed and i was walking...
i couldn't believe it.
first mile 10:24
second mile was just as crowded...
still dodging & weaving
mile 2...10:01
third mile was still packed...
i remember there being an uphill and thought people would slow
and move to the right...
nope they started walking right in front of me.
still weaving in & out
i was passing people on the hills
felt so great!
mile 3...9:17
i felt like i could not get going...
i would surge when i could and then would have to slow down..
it was driving me bonkers
mile 4...8:43
mile 5...8:57
last mile...things started to open up a bit...
followed a girl who was clipping along pretty fast
stayed with her
until the final downhill
when she pulled away.
i felt like i could finally run
and i was running fast
mile 6...8:25
last 300 feet i was running at a 6:49 pace
so happy for it to be over
final time was 56:08 by garmin
official time was 1:07:00 since everyone has the same start time
i had fun, but didn't feel like i had my best race
headed over to the beach to grab my goodie bag & t-shirt
and took the shuttle back to the hotel
i didn't feel tired or worn out
my best race is yet to come

picture of lisa, laura, & me in the porta-pottie line :)

Friday, July 23, 2010 i write this
we are going.
it's been up in the air.
the kids have been sick.
rich is sick.
not much of a fun vacation to santa cruz
w/my little race tucked in the middle
with a sick family.
but we are going.
we're gonna make the best of it.
rich is being a trooper.
he knows it means alot to me.
i've been training for about 14 weeks.
not specifically for this race,
but for my marathon in november.
but this race is important.
it's a marker to see how far i've come.
my original goal
when i signed up to do the 6 miles was 54:00
and i thought that was a stretch.
in fact, on the race sign-up it asks approx finish time...
and i put...57:00.
i was scared.
scared i wouldn't make my goal.
last week, i ran a 6 mi training run in 52:18.
that just amazes me.
i'm my own worst critic.
rich tells me all the time
that i sell myself short.
he's right.
i need to just shoot for the moon.
i may just suprise myself.
the other 14,999 people running on sunday
better watch out :)
new improved goal...

Friday, July 16, 2010


in april 2009, when i started on this journey to get healthy
i had no idea that it would lead me to where i am today.

what was my motivation? & how did i do it?
i was tired of being tired...
just wanting to lose weight & feel better about myself...
i didn't want to wear a size 16/18 anymore...
i didn't want my legs to rub together anymore...
i didn't want to be embarrassed of myself anymore...
that decision brought me to weight watchers...
& exercising...
which brought me quiet, alone time with my Savior on that treadmill...
HE helped me realize what a special person i was...
it was impressed upon my heart, like never before...
what my savior did for ME...
and how much HE loved ME...
and how much i needed HIM...
that time spent with HIM was savored and treasured & looked forward to...
it was where i realized...
HE is with me always...
HE is my strength...
HE has forgiven me...
HE has given me new life...
HE is my purpose...
HE is my love.
which ultimately, led me to LOVE running
which brought me back to my love of competitive sports
which motivates me to make healthy eating & exercising a permanent change...
for me and my family.
a change that will honor HIM...
our bodies are HIS temples...
i strive to be healthy & run
in thanksgiving to HIM.
i run to HIM
& for HIM.

edit: photo added later.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

found my new tempo...FAST for me anyways :)
you guessed was tempo run day.
love tempo runs.
especially after a day of rest,
my legs felt so fresh.

on the schedule...
8 mi w/6 @ 9:00
was actually hoping to beat my last 6 mi.tempo run
from a couple weeks ago (53:34)

headed out and it was still dark,
but seemed to lighten up pretty quickly this morning.
a couple times i wondered if i had looked at the clock wrong
and left later...but nope... normal time.
so just cruised along for my warm up mile,
stopped for a second to stretch before i hit the tempo miles.
and then at mile 2 i was off.
i got up to speed and the legs felt awesome.
look down at garmin and i'm cruising at about 8:15 pace
better slow down.
slowed it down...and tried to keep it at about 8:45 pace or so.
just cruising now....
miles 3 & 4 felt tough for some reason.
stopped quickly to get a drink at the fountain
and i was off again.
TONS of people on the trail today
bootcamps going on and lots of people walking.
tried to really push it the last mile,
then an easy mile cool-down.
here's the splits.
i was so EXCITED to see them when i got home

10:20, 8:22, 9:02,8:50, 8:37, 8:51, 8:36, 9:55, 1:02(8:59)

8.11 miles total
avg. pace for whole run was 9:04
for 6 tempo miles 52:18 WOW!!! that is a new PR for me.
i can't wait for santa cruz.
i'm just a little worried about how big the hills might be.
i think i'll do one or two of my runs this week over at woodward park
to get in some hill work.

ohhh and i got my new Gas Cap in the mail yesterday.
tried it for the run this morning.
super comfortable & holds the GU's tightly without any movement.
didn't use any GU's on this run, but took them along for the ride.
plus its super cute :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

a surprise...and a sunrise run

i've been following the pfitz plan pretty closely and today was a scheduled long run of 13 miles
no problem..had it on my schedule since the beginning.
surprise arises when...
i pick-up the book again from the library yesterday...
and its the second edition book.
had no idea they updated the book...and the training plans.
so i'm looking over all the updates to the book
and training plans and notice that my long run of 13 miles
now includes...8 miles at marathon pace.
wish i would have known that before i did an hour of strength training/core work
well...i really don't know what my marathon pace is going to be.
or what i'm capable of.
based on my last 6 mi tempo run time (53:34)
from the mcmillan calculator... MP is 9:58.
and from vdot calculator ...MP is 9:41.
so my plan was to try to run in between those two times.
rich was working today, and its going to be 103 degrees today...
so i needed to get an early start this morning.
woke up at 4:45.
and was out the door at 5.
legs felt tired right away from the strength/core work
i did yesterday.
and i couldn't see my garmin to tell if i was on pace
because it was PITCH DARK!!
i stayed on the sidewalk/trail until things lightened up.
the run itself was pretty uneventful.
but after a couple miles my legs loosened up
and i got in a groove.
here's the splits: (need to figure out how to just copy info from garminconnect)
yay! i did it. i can't believe it! those 8 miles averaged out to about 9:52 pace.
so excited. and this is just the beginning of marathon training.
13.1 mi. total
avg pace 10:02
weekly total 40.02 miles
yearly total 505.23
off to go rest up, eat, and pack.
gonna spend a couple days with my sister.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

you know it was a good workout when...

you look like you just got out of the swimming pool
and sweat is dripping from the bill of your hat :) those kinds of workouts.
had intevals to do today.
the goal was 8 mi total w/6 x 800m @ 4:05 (400m RI-3:00)

i was thinking of heading to the track this a.m.
but...decided to sleep in a little bit
and do the workout on the treadmill instead.
i wore my garmin just to keep track of my heart rate...
so i'd have an idea how hard i was working.

started out with 2 easy miles warm-up (10:30, 10:30)...felt great

HR 141 4:03 HR 165
HR 141 4:03 HR 166
HR 136 4:00 HR 170
HR 146 3:58 HR 172
HR 145 3:56 HR 172
HR 152 3:50 HR 174
this one felt so great...i decided to do another one...
HR 147 3:47 HR 174

2 easy miles cool-down. (10:00, 10:30)
9 total miles...about 90 minutes
how did your workout go today?
happy running.

Monday, July 05, 2010

week 2

glad today is a rest day...up late last night watching fireworks and hanging out with good friends. i ate way too much. i tried to be really good with my eating the whole time, but as the night wore on...i splurged with a piece of strawberry pizza and some snacky stuff.

well...the first week of training is in the books. all went well. and today is a rest day. gonna plan on stretching a bunch & resting my legs.

got my race packet in the mail for the wharf to wharf race on the 25th. i'm #1914. i'm getting really excited for this race. Lots of fun, family & friends :)

this weeks plan:

monday: rest day
tuesday: 5 mi easy core/strength
wednesday: 6 mi easy
thursday: speedwork 8 mi total w/6 x 800 @4:05
friday: core/strength
saturday: 5 easy
sunday: 13 mi long run

total mileage for week: 37 miles

Thursday, July 01, 2010

a little speed

went to bed early last night...
i was a little bit nervous for my run today.
on the schedule was a tempo run...
8 miles w/6@9:15.
this is basically a simulation of my race
at the end of the month.
my goal for the race is to go sub 54:00
and this tempo run would give me a good indication
if my goal was even attainable.

the alarm went off at 5:15.
got up...threw on my shoes, garmin, ipod, & hat
ate a yogurt,
and headed out the door.
the first mile was a warm-up..
felt good.
eased into a faster pace...
and surprisingly, it wasn't as hard as i thought.
the whole run felt really good.
during the last mile, i started to get a mild headache..
need to drink more.
but i did it...
here's my times for the run
the first and last miles are warm-up, cooldown

by my calculation, i ran 53:34 for the 6 miles.
i'm beyond excited.

also added up my mileage for the month of june...
138.93 miles
that is the most i have run in a month...

total for the year so far is 447.67
not bad considering i didn't run for 2 months.

off to read my new runner's world magazine that just came in the mail :)
happy running.