Sunday, October 31, 2010

6 days 21 hours...

the countdown has begun.
had my last "long run" this morning.
12 miles.
and to be honest,
it didn't feel that great.
my breathing has not be good.
the asthma/coughing has taken hold.
so my HR was higher while running.
12.10mi/ 1:55:29/ avg HR 156/ avg pace 9:32

drew's fever has finally broken,
after 6 days,
but shan is sick now.

i feel fine except for the breathing part.
but i am taking my inhalers...
and my vitamins...
and my airborne...
and praying my breathing gets better.

i have 3 short runs this week.
                                                                                tues-7 easy
                                                                                wed-5 mi. dress rehearsal...w/2 mi @MP
                                                                                thurs: 5 recovery
                                                                                sat-rest/hit the expo
                                                                                sun-SHOW TIME

my goal this week is to REST, and get better :)

during the month of october i ran 203.71 miles a new PR/ 1206.34mi YTD

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A letter to my support team...

As the support team for a Marathoner you are entering a very tricky period. Your Marathoner has been training hard through the summer and into the fall in preparation for the big day. The hard work is done and TAPER MADNESS is ahead.

Marathon training is a stair-step type process where muscles are broken down for several weeks and then an easier week is thrown in for recovery. Finally three weeks before the Marathon, one last long run is completed and it’s time for recovery. The last three weeks are a period of descending running mileage. This period allows the body to fully recover from the training and rest in preparation for the Big Day, this period is called the Taper.

This all sounds well and good, however, the Taper is a period of great anxiety for many Marathoners (first-timers and veterans alike). Over the course of training for a Marathon, an athlete becomes accustomed to running many miles each week and constantly feeling the rush of endorphin driven highs and the persistent fatigue and soreness of effort. The athlete becomes addicted to these emotions and craves both the highs and lows.

The Tapering Marathoner will be irritable, anxious, nervous, overly emotional, short-tempered, restless, tired, cranky, and depressed (even more than normal). Sounds like a great three weeks doesn’t it? It is not unlike the heroin addict going cold turkey. This is a span of time where most Marathoners go a bit crazy. For most it passes after Marathon day. Of course there are the post-marathon blues, but that’s the subject for another day.

The first week is not too bad. It’s really like most “easy weeks” following a twenty mile run. Recovery is critical and the mileage is not dropping by a large amount. They are so tired from the 50 mile week that the rest and recovery is welcomed. Do yourself a favor, block HYPERLINK "" and HYPERLINK "" from your internet service, unless you enjoy continuous updates of the weather forecast for 18 days in the future. Nerves may begin to fray but the best is yet to come – trust me!

During the first part of Taper Madness you will hear about every small ache and pain and how it may be a broken leg or torn ligament or some other traumatic injury. Every twinge becomes a reason to think about postponing the marathon effort. Every sneeze, sniffle, cough or pimple becomes a life-threatening virus or infection. Tight hammies, inflamed ITB, tweaked Achilles, plantar fascitis, black toenails, bloody nipples, chafing, and this is just during breakfast.

The second week starts the deep depression. The tapering Marathoner starts to really miss running. There are no more double-digit runs before the marathon. The longest run for the next two weeks will be 8 miles. Just 8 miles, how many used “just” and “8 miles” in the same sentence prior to training for the marathon. The body is really starting to recover and therefore has more energy than needed. Therefore, the Marathoner becomes restless. No “extra” running is allowed. The tapering Marathoner can feel the fitness draining out of their body. Ask them, they will tell you, they are getting slower every day! This is not happening but the feelings are real. Physiologically, there is nothing but positives from a 3 week taper prior to running a marathon, however, it feels quite the opposite. This restlessness often becomes frustration and a very short-tempered athlete. Understand that this frustration will be projected at anyone and everyone within reach. It’s nothing personal; it’s the lack of mileage talking.

So it’s now six or seven days before the Marathon. The last 8 mile run is done and all that’s left is 3 easy short runs and the BIG EVENT. For the first time Marathoner and some experienced folk, this week is nothing but self-doubt and worry. “I’ll never make it. My foot hurts. My nose is running. I’m not ready. My last 20 miler sucked, I’ll die out there. I’m getting fat and slow. My shoes are dead, my shoes are too small, my shoes are too big, My legs are different lengths, my head hurts, I have a splinter, I have a hang nail, I hate running.” These are some of the things going through the mind of a Marathoner in their last few days before the Marathon. Not to mention the nervous energy that is overflowing. Not to mention that there may be a couple of extra pounds after cutting back on the running for 3 weeks. Not to mention that the trips to the bathroom are increasing geometrically as the hydration dance starts in earnest. Many find concentrating on anything other than the upcoming race difficult. By the way, Marathoners in the final days before a race often make poor babysitters.

Two nights before the marathon are critical to the marathoner. This night is probably the last chance for a good nights sleep. The night before is typically restless and worrisome (what if the alarm doesn’t go off). A sleepless night preceding a marathon will not have a dramatic impact on chances for success. Adrenaline will offset missing that night’s sleep and get the Marathoner through the race. The morning of the marathon is all about getting some food, using the bathroom and getting to the race. My suggestion, don’t get in the way.

I am sure your marathoner appreciates all the support they have received during the training program. The last few weeks are critical to a successful marathon effort. Please understand that the emotional wreck will disappear after the marathon. The Taper can be especially difficult and frustrating for everyone. The good news, it ends with the race.

I hope this sheds some light on TAPER MADNESS. Sometimes insight makes things a bit easier to understand. Of course, your experience may differ greatly but I’ll bet it doesn't.

hope this clears up why i have been acting the way i have....
found this letter on a blog i read often, and it definitely applies :P

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

so i've been feeling like i'm about to go crazy...drew is sick, and i mean sick. he has been runnning a fever since monday, so i will be taking him to the dr's today.

but in the mean time, i have been trying to keep my distance as much as i can, while still giving him loves. i think i have used a whole bottle of hand sanitizer already. i'm downing vitamins, resting, washing hands, taking airborne, resting, washing hands, running, resting, studying, praying i don't get sick, resting, trying not to eat, resting, drinking lots of water, praying i don't get sick & resting. all of this added to my worries about the marathon.

but this morning i sat down, took a bunch of deep breaths...and prayed.

prayed that god would give me peace & take away my worries, and keep me healthy.

i am choosing to be confident & rest in HIM. i am not alone in this battle. HE is right by my side, with me every step of the way.  this has been a long journey...and however it ends, it is to bring HIM glory.  this journey would not have been possible without HIM. HE is my strength.   from the weight loss, to the injury & recovery at the beginning of the year, to ramping up my mileage in such a short time, to completing a really challenging training plan, to making huge improvements, to giving me the opportunity to meet new people, and cheerlead for some.   through all of this, i hope that i have been "a light" for Christ.  "let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven." (Matt. 5:16)   HE deserves all the praise & glory.  i will rest in HIM.  my confidence lies in CHRIST.

check out this recording of "my hope is found".  so amazing!

this mornings run:  6.92 mi/ 1:05:10/ avgHR 153/ avg pace 9:24

Sunday, October 24, 2010

still so hard

why is it still so hard...

 after all this time...

and after losing all this weight...

why is it so hard to not eat junk food?
you'd think it would be second nature by now,
that i would have lost my craving
or something...
that it would have gotten easier.
but no.
it's still
yeah...i was bad today.
after my run this morning,
the kids wanted donuts...
so i had one...
you know..carbo-load after my run..
high glycemic carbs to replace my lost glycogen :P
then i had some fruit, an apple & a banana
then i had a bowl of honey-nut cheerios,
a piece of ham...
lots of water,
and because we worked around the house all day,
and i didn't feel like cooking,
we went to mcdonalds for dinner.
yep...i ate mcdonalds.
i can't believe it.
its been months since i've had mcdonalds.
(the fries tasted SO good though :)

well...that is my confession.
and it seems like once i start eating the junk
it's really hard to stop.

i will be back on the wagon tomorrow.
and because tmr is a rest day...
so no running...
i had an idea.

my strategy...
everytime i walk into the kitchen
and open the cabinets or refridge...
i will guzzle some water and
do 10 push-ups.
maybe that will stop me :)

long run this morning.
16.09mi/ 2:36:11/ avgHR 151/ avg pace 9:42

43.98mi this past week
1173.51mi YTD

only 32 miles planned this week.
i need to keep busy.

Friday, October 22, 2010

a reminder...

Ministering to Coaches and Athletes 

Friday, October 22nd, 2010
Who is running with you?


“…God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’”
-Hebrews 13:5b

Recently, I was serving as a course marshal for my school's cross country meet. That basically meant that I stood at a certain place and made sure the runners went the right direction. The high school students had to make three laps, so I saw all of them three times.

One particular runner was fourth-from-last on the first lap. On the second lap, he was last, and I thought there was no way he would even finish. He was struggling to breathe with each step he took. On the final lap, as he approached me, a man from the sidelines joined him and completed the race with him. The man was definitely not dressed to run as he was in street clothes, yet he stayed with the runner to the end. Perhaps without the man running beside him, this runner might not have finished.

After the race was complete, I saw the man and asked if he was the coach. He said, “No, I am his father." As I reflected on his comments, I thought, "What a great example of what my heavenly Father does for me." When I am gasping for breath, struggling with each step, my Father is running with me to encourage me each step of the way.
1. In life, do you ever feel like this runner?
2. Do you believe that God is with you at all times?
3. Do you have Christian brothers and sisters in your life who can encourage you in tough times? If so, how does that help you realize God’s presence in your life?
4. How can you encourage someone today who is struggling?
Exodus 17:8-16
Psalm 86:15
1 Thessalonians 5:11

Dona Banks became a Christian at FCA Camp in high school. She has served as an FCA Camp Huddle Leader and staff for more than 20 years.

Now it's your Turn. Write your own FCA Devotional. . . Go to and click the "Submit your own FCA devo! " link on the right side.
For more information about FCA please visit

I get these devotionals in my inbox every them and wanted to share :)
Today was a rest day,
stats from yesterday:  9.59mi/ 1:25:25/ avgHR 158/avg pace 8:54

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

on my mind...

1.  i found a new chafing spot on sunday after my run...the insides of my knees.  didn't think much of it. then yesterday while doing my intervals on the treadmill...i noticed the knees rubbing together.  have my massive thighs finally thinned out enough that they no longer rub...and now the rubbing has moved down to my knees??

2.  wore my new cute compression socks this morning for a test run, and i'm happy to report they are OSOM!

3.  trying to be extra careful with my diet. making sure not to eat junk, but give my body only healthy fuel that it loves :)

4. "Stepping outside the comfort zone is the price I pay to find out how good I can be. If I planned on backing off every time running got difficult I would hang up my shoes and take up knitting."
-Desiree Davila, marathoner and member of the Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project

5.  trying to keep my mind busy, while resting my body.  taper has started, and it was really weird to only run four miles this morning.  school is getting busy; a chem test on friday, nutrition test next week, and a nutrition research paper due soon.

6.   had an awesome run yesterday. 8 mi total.  vo2max w.5x600m @2:40 (RI 1:30). warm-up miles...9:32,9:14,9:13,9:03,8:51...intervals 2:50(164),  2:41(168),  2:40(170),  2:39(172),  2:38(172)...1 mi cooldown.  the intervals were run at avg 7:00m/m pace.

7.  "The best pace is a suicide pace, and today is a good day to die."  -Pre

8.  last week i ran 55.47 mi.   that is a new weekly high for me :) 

9.  1129.53 mi year to date.

10.  thinking about upcoming races...

11.  does dedicated = crazy???

Sunday, October 17, 2010

the hay is in the barn

so the saying goes..."the hay is in the barn", meaning that the meat & potatoes of my training is over. there really isn't anything more i can do...just rest and keep reminding my body how it feels to run.

i will still be running, but with a decrease in miles.  this will give my body a chance to rest and repair itself and be refreshed for race day.

my run today was amazing. it felt so good. my last & longest run of this training cycle, 22 miles.  my intent was to take this run super slow. and just really concentrate on my endurance and maximize time on my feet.  i was shooting to keep my pace about 10 minutes.  well, i didn't succeed.  i ended up running a little faster.  i really tried to keep it slow, especially the first half.  i'd catch myself speeding up and would slow it back down.  wanted to keep my heartrate super low.

i wanted to use this run to actually run the marathon course as closely as i could.  so i planned that i would just drive over to woodward park and leave my car there. i ran to old towne clovis and back, following the marthon route and then took the eaton trail all the way to the end and back, added in a couple extra miles around the park and that was it.  i got my second wind about mile 15, and wanted to fly, but didn't. i restrained myself.  but my legs felt strong and my spirits were great.  i took all four of my gels (two chocolate, 1 espresso, and a jet blackberry), and 4 salt tabs.  i ended up taking the salt tabs when i gu'd. covered in salt by the end and super happy.

here's the stats:

22.17 mi/ 3:31:25/ avgHR 152/ avg pace 9:32

i am beyond excited!!! 20 more days :)
garmin says i burned 2600 calories, so i'm gonna go have a celebratory lunch full of carbs :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

race day attire

so here it is.
my marathon outfit.

i had really wanted to get a running skirt, but couldn't find one that fit right and so i decided i'd run in my comfy nike shorts. i may also have to sport some black gloves if the morning is really chilly. i remember last year is was about 40 degrees at the start. so they may be necessary :) tell me what you think?

i've also been studying the course map incessently. just trying to figure out where the water stops will be, and looks like they have TONS of porta-potties on the course, just in case :)  i tried to post the course map, but blogger is being mean :)  so here is the link. i ran this morning after the kids left for school, so i could soak up some sun, but didn't plan on it being so warm.  why is it 94 degrees in october?

stats: 11.16mi/1:44:57/avgHR 158/avg pace 9:24

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


 lots of preparation goes into running a marathon.

it started with
 the base-building period...
when i tried to figure out which training plan to use,
and built up my weekly miles.

the training itself...
18 weeks long.
the planning of routes to use for training runs
and where i would get water on those routes.
planning what to wear
 and what to bring with me
on each run,
 & what i'd need for fueling/hydration.
through all this planning i learned
what worked & what didn't.
this is especially important for long runs.
this is when i tried out how things would work
for marathon day.
the 20+ milers are the absolute test,
they are the runs that closely mimic the marathon,
in terms of time on feet and fueling/hydrating.

and let's not forget,
my favorite part of the preparation...
(thank you, Type A personality)
 all the planning/contemplating over my run stats.
should i change the next workout?
what pace should i run it at?
is this pace possible based on what i did last week?
i love to analyze everything.

as the race gets closer
(26 days)
and training is winding down,
(this is my last week of high mileage)
and my 3 week taper starts...
(next week)
planning the race has become my focus.
thinking about pacing strategies...
trying to figure out what my marathon pace will be...
do i go out fast?
do i go out slow?
wait to see how i feel?
do i run with a pace group? or not?
what are my goals?
are my goals attainable?
and what am i going to wear on marathon day?
which shoes?
i have to make sure everything feels right,
and i don't chafe.
and that i look cute :)

and you know what???
love getting my ducks in a row.


"The body does not want you to do this.
As you run, it tells you to stop but the mind must be strong.
 You always go too far for your body.
You must handle the pain with strategy...It is not age; it is not diet.
It is the will to succeed. "

Jacqueline Gareau, 1980 Boston Marathon champ 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

no show

woke up this am and my sore throat is back.
and my asthma has kicked in.
so i'm not gonna race.
i'm bummed.
but i think its best.
don't know if my body can take it
and i've been weighing the benefits from the race
vs. the cons.
and the cons outweigh the pros...
so i will sit this one out.
i am going to try to get out the door a little later
to do some of my long run miles
nice & SLOW.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

today i've been resting and doing homework.
i went to bed early last night, feeling run down.
and woke up this morning with a little sore throat. 
but i've been resting all day and hopefully i'll be fine for tmr.
 staying positive.
i'm going to try out my marathon race shirt tomorrow and see how it feels.
so funny that my shirt is the middle blue color on the logo above. 

 race time is 7:45 and i'm getting excited. 
my goal for this race is to break 50:00. 
and after the race i will be running another 10 make 17 for the day :) 

update tmr.
 wish me luck :)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

the dark

getting used to running in the dark has been a hard transition for me.

i don't really enjoy it.  my headlamp isn't the best, and i get freaked out running by myself in the pitch dark.

like yesterday...i had 12 miles on the schedule.  and i usually run my mid/week runs over on the trail a few miles from our house. the trail is usually super dark except in spots where it comes closer to the road and you can see the traffic lights.

well yesterday, it was cool, 55 degrees, and a little bit of fog. the light from my headlamp was bouncing off the fog and made it really hard to see and somewhat scarier than usual LOL.

i'm on the trail pretty much by myself (with peperspray in hand)...a handful of other runners with headlamps are out and of course there are always a couple "ninja" runners, which scare me half to death, cuz i never see them coming ( i guess that's why they are ninja)   :) 

my intention was to push the pace a little bit, which was no problem, cuz i had a little adrenaline rush going on with being a little freaked out in the dark. LOL   so yeah...i'm cruising along, trying to get in a zone & control my breathing...and out of the corner of my eye, to the left, i see someone. without thinking i get my pepperspray ready to shoot, and then i realize its my shadow.

i sorta half-laughed to myself...but i'm still freaked out at this point.  just keep running...i'm telling myself to keep going...its only about 50 minutes on the trail and i'm already about halfway.   at the turn around there seemed to be more lights...or maybe it was the stars or maybe i was just starting to lose it.

i see a couple people on bikes... and then i'm by myself again.  the trail starts to head around and behind this little hill...almost around and it happened again.  my shadow was there to scare me half to death.  but boy, i'm telling you...i'm so ready to shoot that pepperspray.  my breathing is through the roof at this point...CALM DOWN!  i can see the end of the trail about half mile in the distance and am so thankful. i head off  the trail and was so happy to be running in the glorious glow of the streetlights.

only 1 more midweek med/long run to go...

stats for yesterdays run:   12.39mi/ 1:52:50/ avgHR 156/avg. 9:06

                                       9:21,9:31,9:26, 9:01, 9:07, 9:03, 8:59, 8:49, 9:12,9:13,9:01,8:57,3:10(8:09)
                                       (highlighted miles are the trail miles :)

today was 5.5 recovery miles, nice and slow :)

only 7 more runs until taper...and only 18 more runs 'til the big day.  EEEEK!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

inspirational words

eventhough i'm not running many words of wisdom here...

Sunday, October 03, 2010

the hardest run of this training cycle
18 mi w/14 @ MP
i was shooting for 8:50's
didn't turn out how i would have liked.
it was definitely a bummer of a run.

when i left this am at 6 it was 74 degrees
and the dewpoint was 64.
i felt like i walked out into a sauna
the air was SO thick.
i can't remember ever feeling the air so heavy

i did 4 warm up miles
and by the time the warm up was over i was already
drenched with sweat
 i decided to take a salt cap eventhough it hadn't been an hour
and i was drinking tons.

the first two miles were hard,
but then i felt like i got into a groove
and cruised for the next 4 or 5 miles
by mile 10 or so...
the heat started getting to me
it was harder to breath
and i was starting to fade fast.
stopped at home quick for more gatorade
i just felt like no matter how hard i pushed
i couldn't go any faster.
i decided to just finish the final 6 miles
 of the run at my normal pace.

definitely disappointed.
my confidence is definitely shaken
definitely awaiting the cooler weather
definitely tired & a little bit sore

18.17mi/ 2:49:34/ avg HR 158/ avg pace 9:19

warm: 9:58, 9:27, 9:35,9:14
i finished the week
 with 53.27 miles,
1026.77 miles YTD,
legs tired,
 & left knee a little wonky.

this week
i have 51 miles planned
& hoping my legs & knee recover
mon: rest
tues: 8 general aerobic run
wed: 12 med/long
thurs: 4 recovery
fri: 10 general aerobic
sat: rest
sun: cross city race 10k + 11 miles

34 more days :)