Sunday, October 24, 2010

still so hard

why is it still so hard...

 after all this time...

and after losing all this weight...

why is it so hard to not eat junk food?
you'd think it would be second nature by now,
that i would have lost my craving
or something...
that it would have gotten easier.
but no.
it's still
yeah...i was bad today.
after my run this morning,
the kids wanted donuts...
so i had one...
you know..carbo-load after my run..
high glycemic carbs to replace my lost glycogen :P
then i had some fruit, an apple & a banana
then i had a bowl of honey-nut cheerios,
a piece of ham...
lots of water,
and because we worked around the house all day,
and i didn't feel like cooking,
we went to mcdonalds for dinner.
yep...i ate mcdonalds.
i can't believe it.
its been months since i've had mcdonalds.
(the fries tasted SO good though :)

well...that is my confession.
and it seems like once i start eating the junk
it's really hard to stop.

i will be back on the wagon tomorrow.
and because tmr is a rest day...
so no running...
i had an idea.

my strategy...
everytime i walk into the kitchen
and open the cabinets or refridge...
i will guzzle some water and
do 10 push-ups.
maybe that will stop me :)

long run this morning.
16.09mi/ 2:36:11/ avgHR 151/ avg pace 9:42

43.98mi this past week
1173.51mi YTD

only 32 miles planned this week.
i need to keep busy.

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Chris and Lisa said...

I guess in some ways, this post brings me a little comfort knowing that even YOU still struggle with this aspect of weight loss. It is oh so hard and I just have to keep trying every day to make a good food choice. I like your idea...maybe i will have to try the push-ups and water :)!! Love you sister..You are awesome and inspiring!!