Thursday, October 14, 2010

race day attire

so here it is.
my marathon outfit.

i had really wanted to get a running skirt, but couldn't find one that fit right and so i decided i'd run in my comfy nike shorts. i may also have to sport some black gloves if the morning is really chilly. i remember last year is was about 40 degrees at the start. so they may be necessary :) tell me what you think?

i've also been studying the course map incessently. just trying to figure out where the water stops will be, and looks like they have TONS of porta-potties on the course, just in case :)  i tried to post the course map, but blogger is being mean :)  so here is the link. i ran this morning after the kids left for school, so i could soak up some sun, but didn't plan on it being so warm.  why is it 94 degrees in october?

stats: 11.16mi/1:44:57/avgHR 158/avg pace 9:24


Chris and Lisa said...

whew..what a hard decision, deciding on a race outfit!! haha!! I love what you picked out and glad you stuck with the blue since it not only matches your hat but your shoes too :)!!!

so excited for you!

kym said...

Love the turquoise blue. It that the special hat? The sock with look very cute and finishes the look. Hey are those new tennis shoes too? :)