Monday, October 05, 2009

feels like fall.

the weather here has been gorgeous.
today was a high of 71.
love wearing long-sleeves, jeans, and sandals.
went for a long run of 11 miles this morning.
it was chilly when i left...about 49 degrees.
but of course, i warmed up pretty quick.
rich met me on his bike about halfway through the run with some sport beans and water.
he's an awesome pit crew :)
made it back in under two hours. woohoo!!1:59:08
i'm not so scared anymore about the race.
i know i can make the distance, just have to keep training and getting stronger.
off to have a celebratory piece of pumpkin bread with chocolate chips.


Saturday, October 03, 2009

keep running.

yesterday was my weigh in day and because of my happiness when i saw the 160, i decided to splurge a little bit :) went and had a hamburger with onion rings. planned on eating the whole thing. but... i couldn't. it tasted SO good, but only ate two onion rings and half the hamburger. i was stuffed.

then i ran an easy 6 last night on the treadmill and i'm off to bootcamp this morning :)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

feelin' good

yep...woke up this morning and weighed myself like usual.

i know..i shouldn't do it EVERY morning, but i do.

and was surprised to see 160.3 WHAT???

finally moved off the 163. i was stoked.

ran about 5 miles.
did intervals again...this time...mile intervals.

ran a mile warm-up
then 10:30
then 9:53
then 9:24
then mile jog

all in all a good workouts.