Wednesday, October 25, 2006

here he is...skateboarding on a half-pipe. :) we visted our friends, the R's this weekend. they invited us for some fun and food. the kids had a blast on the half-pipe, along with dad. the tree swing was also a big hit. lots of laughs and catching up. seems like life is just moving so fast, we need to just take a minute and soak it all up.

friday night i took shan to her girl scout halloween party. such a fun idea. each of the troops had to come up with a game for the girls to play. so all the girls walked around the gymnasium playing games and collecting candy in their goodie bags. shan had a huge smile on her face the whole time. too bad i forgot to bring my camera :( but i did talk to a mom of one of the girls in shannon's troop. she was just telling me how sad she was because she can't come to all of her daughters outings, because she works. i could tell she was really upset and hurt. and then she asked me what i did, and i softly replied, "i stay at home with the kids." i felt so bad. seems like i just added salt to her wound, but it really was a reminder to me to appreciate the blessings that i have. i am very, very grateful that i am able to stay home with the kids, and get to attend all their outings and just spend as much time as i can with them.

Friday, October 20, 2006

a style all her own

she really does. this was the outfit she picked out to wear to school yesterday :) "but it matches mom! the blue in the tights goes with the blue stripe in the skirt, and the white in the shirt goes with the white in the skirt. " love the reasoning. LOL. and yes she did go to school like this. i couldn't tell her no after such a good reason.

tonight we are off to our first girl scout gathering, a halloween party. should be lots of fun. shannon really likes the whole brownie thing, and her mom is having flashbacks from her childhood :)

in scrappy news, just been working on some more heritage pages. finished this one the other night. it's a pix of granpa and dad, circa 1947. absolutely love this picture. so sweet.

have a great day !

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


things that are making me happy today.

finishing up this layout and a mini album for our local scrapbook store design team try-outs.

finally came up with an idea for a class i will be teaching. more on that later :)

pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee this morning.

shannon finally feeling better today and wanting to go to school.

rich not working the weekend.

sitting reading my country home magazine.

spent yesterday morning investigating oobleck with ryne for his science lab :)

getting love notes from the kids.

listening to the little ones having a conversation about santa, the elves, and his workshop.

this, this & this.

hope you have a great day!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

good stuff

sorry for the blogging hiatus but i've been super busy. lots of good stuff going on with the normal busy-ness. i've been playing with the new lines that My Mind's Eye will be debuting at Memory Trends, Bohemia Christmas and Magnolia. Lots of fantastic papers, transparencies, and diecuts. so yummy. love the colors.

so excited that i have been asked to teach at our local scrapbook store. trying to think of ideas for classes. i'm super excited about this opportunity. i've never taught a class before, so if anyone has any advice, let me have it :)

and drew has informed us that he would like to play football and be a "tackler". LOL
lots of football in our house today, can u tell?