Friday, October 20, 2006

a style all her own

she really does. this was the outfit she picked out to wear to school yesterday :) "but it matches mom! the blue in the tights goes with the blue stripe in the skirt, and the white in the shirt goes with the white in the skirt. " love the reasoning. LOL. and yes she did go to school like this. i couldn't tell her no after such a good reason.

tonight we are off to our first girl scout gathering, a halloween party. should be lots of fun. shannon really likes the whole brownie thing, and her mom is having flashbacks from her childhood :)

in scrappy news, just been working on some more heritage pages. finished this one the other night. it's a pix of granpa and dad, circa 1947. absolutely love this picture. so sweet.

have a great day !

1 comment:

erika said...

I LOVE shannon's outfit....
that rocks..and YOU are a good moma not making her change...LOVE that. ;)
ps. love the LO too!!! :)