Thursday, September 30, 2010

it's official...

i've been checking the smokey bear run website
to see if they posted results yet...
because i wanted to get my official time..
well they posted them today,
and guess what??
i placed 3rd in my age group!!!!!
i can't believe it.
bummer we didn't wait for the awards,
so i didn't get my trophy. LOL

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

september recap & a few more pictures

blake, drew, & josh before the race

me before the race

Kym, Ryne, Shan & i before the race

right before the finish

september was an AWESOME month.
i ran 200.75 miles.
my biggest month to date.
973.50 miles so far this year.
only had 6 rest days this month.
my highest mileage week was 9/13-9/19 with 52.84 miles
i had 3 long runs this month; 16 mi w/12MP, my second 20 miler, & 18 miles
i raced the smokey bear 10k
50:55...a PR
went through some rough patches this month mentally,
but came through stronger than ever,
and more determined.

today i had 9 mi w/5x1000m @ 4:47 (RI 3:30)
i ran 4 warm up miles outside and ran the intervals on the treadmill
intervals went like this:
4:50, 4:49,4:47(HR168),4:47(HR169),4:44(HR170)
then one mile cooldown.
i heart intervals.
i love when i'm dripping with sweat.
and today was no different.
i was SOAKED. sweat dripping off the brim of my hat.
and dripping from my shorts.
 seriously drenched.
tmr is a rest day.
friday 12 miles
sat 6 recovery miles
sun 18mi w/14@MP (8:50)...going for broke on this one

then i have two more high mileage weeks before i start my taper.
i'm thinking about running another 10k in a couple weeks,
this one is here in fresno,
and is pancake flat.
haven't made up my mind yet.
we'll see.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

smokey bear 10k race report

so the morning started bright and early at 5a.m.  the kids sprung out of bed. they were excited to get up and put on their clothes with their number already pinned on front.  everyone had breakfast, got ready, and we headed out the door at six.  we planned on meeting our friends, mark & kym and their son, conner, on the way.  and we planned to follow them there. 

about 8 weeks ago, i talked kym into running the 10k with me.  got her a training plan and she had been following it since.  she called last week and said she chickened out of the 10k. she wasn't sure she could run it because she had shin splints, but had switched to running the 2 mile race instead. so we were both still really excited about the whole day and sharing this running experience :)

so we met them, and headed up the road to bass lake. we got there just before a giant rush of people started to come. pulled in the parking lot and started to unload. some people pulled right next to us, and i looked up and saw it was a friend who was also running the race. chatted with her for a few minutes and then headed over to check out the scene and hit the bathrooms.  soon they were calling for the kid's 1/2 mile race. all 3 of the kids were running.  pretty soon the gun went off.  i missed the start, cuz i was in the bathroom line again :)

can you see ryne?  he's over on the right.

the kids race was fast, before i knew it, both ryne & shan were already finished.  we were just waiting for drew to come in.  the kids said drew was walking.  he finally made his way in...and he was the very last kid to come in.  but he didn't even care.  we gave him big hugs and told him he did a great job.  he was very happy to get his participants ribbon :)  i decided to go warm up for a little bit, went for a jog  and stretched my legs. i missed kym's race completely. i was so sad.  soon they called for the 10k people to line up, so i met up with a couple friends and chatted for the final minutes before the start.  i was really excited race. can you tell from the picture? LOL
and then the gun went off...and i just took off. i hit the button on my garmin and thought i heard it beep...come to find was someone else's watch that beeped, because when i looked down mine was still on 0. my watch was off by .15mi.  but i took off and weaved to get through the crowd. i looked down at my watch and it said 6:30...and i thought, "wow..i didn't know i could move that fast. slow down". no kidding about that adrenaline rush.  got into a little rhythm and tried to stay about 8:00 pace.  hoping i could hang on and then have a little kick at the end.  the first 3 miles were great. the little hills didn't seem so bad. it was what they called rolling hills.  and it was up at about 4,000 ft elevation.  i had heard people talking that this was the toughest 10k in our area, with the hills & elevation. but i tried not to think about it. and here i was cruising over the hills on the way out.  at the turn around i felt ok, then the hills started rolling and i felt like i was starting to lose it. just tried to hang on & keep pushing as much as i could.  had my eye on the person in front of me and tried to catch them.  finally i saw the 1 mi i knew i had 1.2 to go...tried to kick it a little more, but my legs just felt so heavy, and i was starting to get a headache, so i knew i was getting dehydrated, but i was actually surprised at how fast i was moving.  i finally started to see the crowds of people ahead of me so i knew i was coming to the finish line and as i got closer i saw everyone there yelling. rich was standing in the middle of the road and had the video camera on me and then he and the kids all started running with me for about the last 100 meters or so. i gave it everything i had, and when i crossed i looked and saw 50:55. i felt like i could barely breath and they were telling me to rip off the tag from my number.  got some water and found the family.  i was seriously excited!! i didn't make my goal of sub 50, but i was close and i felt like i had done my best. and that was what i was after.  we hung out after the race and wait for the awards ceremony.  ryne ended up getting 3rd in his age group for the kids half mile. and kym won first in her age group for the 2 mile. so awesome. she rocked it with 17.07!! so proud of her. we waited around to see what my official time was, but it was taking forever and we were starving. so we headed out to get some food.  we ended up at "the forks", which is a little hole in the wall place, known for their burgers. and they were awesome. then we headed up to mark & kym's and hung out with them for the rest of the day. such a fun day spent with awesome friends. we were exhausted when we got home and i knew i had a 17 mile run the next day (today). so i was asleep by 9:30.  woke up bright and early with a slight headache, which i knew wasn't good. i had tried to drink tons of water after the race, but i guess it wasn't enough.  i was out the door at 6. ended up doing 18.31/ 2:58:01/avgHR 151/ avg pace 9:43  the first 12 or so miles were awesome, felt great. stopped by home and grabbed more gatorade and from that point on my legs felt so heavy i knew i was dehydrated. so i just kept drinking tons of water and hoped i didn't bonk.  i ended up finishing fine, got in my ice bath after. but the legs are a little bit sore.  tomorrow is a rest day, so i will be resting and stretching :)   the race was tons of fun and i can't wait for the marathon.

 and here's some pre-race interviews with the kids, kym and me :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

'twas the night before...

the smokey bear race.
i'm trying to think happy thoughts.
trying to stay in a relaxed mood.
trying not to stress myself out.
because you know i'm really good at that.

just want to go out and have fun
and run HARD.
run the best race i can.
this is all about me
and doing my best.
i will be happy if i do that.
and i will be jazzed if make my goal of 50:00

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i did it again.

the last couple days have been a blur.
everything has been moving SO fast.
monday was a rest day-runningwise.
but i was taking advantage and making sure my recovery
from my 20 went well.
my legs have been a little tight since my run,
so i've been stretching/massaging them really well.

on tuesday i got up and ran 4.5 miles to warmup
and then i had 6x600 intervals to do.
i opted for the treadmill for those.
the track was full of people and didn't feel like dealing with that.
the plan was to run the 600's @ 2:25 with 1:30 RI
well the legs didn't want to move that fast.
i ended up running
2:38 HR 166
2:38 HR 168
2:38 HR 169
2:36 HR 171
2:36 HR 171
2:35 HR 172
1 mi cooldown
total of about 8 miles.
and i did feel like i wanted to puke after those.
it was great!!!
i think those work out to be under 7:00m/m pace.
love me some intervals.

then had 12 on the schedule for this morning.
wasn't sure how the legs were gonna feel.
and it was chilly this morning, 59 degrees,
had to wear my long-sleeve shirt today.
its starting to feel like fall. legs felt like cement blocks.
they did not want to move,
and for the first 4 miles,
i really felt like crying...not because they hurt,
but i was feeling sorry for myself.
why haven't my legs recovered?
why am i pushing myself so hard?
if i can't run well today, how am i gonna do on sat, for my race?
am i even having fun?
why am i running in the dark?
and then i gave myself a little pep talk
and all was better.
the last four miles,
i told myself to go at a pace that i was comfortable.
i start to think happy thoughts and
then look at my garmin,
it was a 10:30 pace,
and i thought...well not that comfortable.
so i picked it up a little bit.
ended up feeling like i hadn't had a very good run.
downloaded the garmin info
and it instantly made me happy :)

12.26mi/ 1:54:25/ avg HR 153/ avg pace 9:19
i guess i didn't do as bad as i thought. legs are tired,
but they were still cruising,
and the HR was low.
i'm stoked.

and yes, i did it again.
wasn't watching who was around, or where i was "okie blowing"
so this time, a man on a bike got sprayed.
sorry mr. man :P

trying not to think about my race on saturday too much.
i don't want to stress myself out.
its the SMOKEY BEAR 10k at BASS LAKE
got my number last weekend,
i'm #24
the kids are running the 1/2 mi kids run at 8:00
and then i run at 8:30.
wish me luck.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

20 things i learned from my second 20 miler

1.  it's so much nicer to not have to run with a headlamp.  left this morning at about 6. the first few miles were on sidewalks near local shopping centers, so it was nice and bright until the sun came up.

2.i love running with my new shuffle.

3. when running with ipod and music turned up on the trail, make sure to look around to see if anyone is close before doing an "okie blow".

4. apologize profusely when accidentally "okie blowing" on the nice man running. 

5. lemon-lime gatorade tastes AWESOME when mixed with fruit punch gatorade.

6. i don't like my nike short-sleeve running shirt. when soaked with sweat it sticks to me.

7.  i need sunglasses that don't fog up when i run.

8.  when passing by the old-folks home at around 6 a.m. it smells like eggs, pancakes, & bacon.

9.  after smelling the eggs, pancakes,  & bacon...that is all i thought about the rest of the run.

10.  after a 20 mile run; eggs, pancakes, & bacon taste REALLY good!!!!

11.  if you leave a note for your husband that you will be by the house at 8 a.m. to get gatorade, and end up showing up early and not seeing him...he will not know that you came by and will come looking for you.

12. after having 3 chocolate mint GU' is no longer my favorite.

13. iron maiden really does make me run fast.

14. i loved getting a second wind at mile 15.

15. you really do use your arms when you run...i know... cuz mine are still sore from bootcamp the other day.

16. the best recovery drink is a GIANT glass of chocolate milk.

17.  compression socks work wonders on tired, sore legs.

18.  this run was a huge confidence booster.

19.  even when i try to run slow...i end up running faster than i wanted.

20.  when i finished my run...i wished i could have kept going.  48 days!!

20.02 mi/ 3:10:20/avgHR 153/ avg pace 9:30

Friday, September 17, 2010

v-ups & a skirt

my friend, Kristina, invited me to join her at bootcamp this morning.
so i went.  i was so excited.
just a small group of 6 of us.
met some really nice people who are also running the two cities marathon.
it was really fun, but the v-ups were kicking my butt.
( remember those don't you. LOL)
kristina is training with this group called pinnacle for her half marathon
and she also does the runner bootcamp 2 days a week.
i've been to other bootcamps,
 so i was curious to see what it was all about.
so today we did a circuit of
10 v-ups
20 flutter kicks
run a little ways
and do 20 high knees
run a little ways
do 10 dips
and finally
10 push-ups leaning on the picnic table seat
and then run back to the beginning and
run through the circuit as many times as you can.
i think we did it for about 45 minutes.
i lost track of how many times i went around,
but it was ALOT.

we just went through the circuit as fast or as slow as we wanted.
at first i was big deal.
by the 3rd time around...
my arms were on FIRE.
my triceps, shoulders & chest already are sore.
i can't wait to feel them tmr.
the guy that ran it was super nice,
(can't remember his name)
but i said thanks for torturning me with the v-ups.
he laughed.

so hopefully i won't be too sore for my runs this weekend.
saturday i have 5 recovery miles
and sunday is my second 20 miler
getting excited!!

i've also been thinking about my marathon outfit :)
i tried on a running skirt the other day at sports authority,
didn't like how the nike skirt fit.
but i found these online
and they are super cute
and look comfortable.
i added a video i found on their blog
with their new fall line...
watch the video...
two girls are wearing this black/gray argyle skirt...
that is the one that i want.
so stinkin' cute.
with black compression socks.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

i was tired this morning.
so i slept in,
i knew it was going to be cooler this morning,
so i decided to go for my 12 mi run
after the kids left for school.
drove over to the park and ran.
it was really nice to be running without my headlamp
in the sun.
although, at the end it did get a little warm,
and i was wishing it was 55 degrees rather than the 78 it already was.
i felt like i was so sluggish this morning,
but wasn't really paying any attention to garmin
and was just enjoying my music and climbing some hills.
didn't really think about a whole lot this morning on my run.
kinda just spaced out.
mentally, i'm feeling tired.
i don't know if its school, or all the kids' school stuff going on,
but my mind is tired.
it was nice not to think about anything for a couple hours.

i finally watched "spirit of the marathon" on hulu the other day.
i've heard people talk about it,
but had never seen it.
i loved it.
 very motivating,
and inspirational
and totally, made me cry
several times :)

the marathon
feels like something so big
and insurmountable.
and yet, with the strength that god has given me,
i am able to get up everyday and run and prepare for it.
somedays, i am amazed that i was able to accomplish what i did,
but i know,
and am thankful to the One who makes it all possible.
i am thankful that i get to run.

12.04mi /1:52:11/ avgHR 157/ avg pace 9:18

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


took off this morning for my 10 mi run
with 7 at tempo pace (8:30).
the first two miles were warm-up...
just cruised problem.
my garmin beeped and it was time to step it up.
speed up to 8:30 or so pace.
cruising on the streets/sidewalks in our neighborhood
streetlights on/ headlamp on.
the first mile, was hard, but not unbearably so...
started to zone out
and just get used to the pace,
first tempo mile was 8:26...
feeling good.
still shuffling along on the sidewalk,
catch my toe on a raised grate in the sidewalk
and i totally flew forward.
it was like in slow-motion...
landed and slid on my right knee & hands.
kinda laid there a second, and then hopped up
and started to run again.
i was right at the beginning of my tempo,
no way was i going to let this stop me.
my hand kinda hurt, but no blood,
look down at my knee,
serious scrape, and blood.
my water bottle got a little torn up & scratched.
by the end of the run the blood had dripped down my leg & dried picture.
so does that make me bad ass or just clumsy??

so the fall slowed me a little for mile two 8:41
miles 3-5 were going along fine
8:36, 8:26, 8:35

when i got to mile 6
lots of negative thoughts
and self doubt started to take over.
had to really keep pushing out the negative
and focus on my goal.
i really am my own worst enemy!!!
mile 6 & 7 were 8:39, 8:49
that last mile, i wanted to stop so badly.
i know i have more in HR wasn't upbearably high.
can't wait to see how i do in the race on the 25th.

and finally a mile cool-down.

all this on 4 hours sleep.
i slept great last night until about 1:30
then was tossing & turning until 4:30
when i finally got up to run.
drew came home yesterday from school
and his eye was bugging him,
i think it's just probably pink eye.
but of course, because i'm neurotic
and can't stop worrying..
i was up those last 3 hours thinking about him
hoping he did not wake up and have his eye so puffy/goopy.

so called the dr. this morning
and we have an appt at 11:30
now he says the other eye is getting itchy...
oy vay!!
so last friday was shan's first cross country meet.  i think i was more excited than she was.  this was one of the bigger meets, because all the local elementary schools would be there. there was probably about 90-100 4th grade girls racing.  they ran all around the middle school fields...we saw shan in the distance as she took off. the race distance was .7 mi.  at the first point when she came close to us, i was taking pictures, and of course yelling for her...she looks at rich and i and says..."i can't!"  what do you mean you can't???? we yelled, GO!!!  that girl got her second wind and by the final stretch had a giant kick. she was passing people right and left. she finally ended up passing this girl in the picture. love that look of determination on her face.  she was so pumped after the race, and told me, " I LOVE RUNNING!"  that's my girl :) she came in 28th, and was so excited. can't wait to see her run again.

Friday, September 10, 2010

i'm back in business...

with this little baby, in blue.
you see, my ipod died while we were on our santa cruz trip this summer. well, actually, i killed it.
soda was ACCIDENTALLY spilled all over my ipod, camera, and phone.i was seriously upset, but i had a deep fried twinkie and got over myself.  Rich managed to save my phone, but the camera & the ipod were toast.  so i have been running without any music for a while now.  which hasn't really bothered me a whole lot, since i probably won't run with my music in the mornings, when its dark out.  i'm too freaked out without the added distraction.  but i have been running my long runs of late without any music. and i think it would be fun to listen to some.  maybe it will pump me up and make me go faster :)  anyways, rich is going to be finishing up his crazy 2 weeks of overtime, so sunday i won't have to start my long run @ 4:30 :)  i think i will actually wait until the sun comes up and run it without my headlamp and with my new little shuffle.  this is THE coolest little music player.  i had a nano before and it was great, but this is BEYOND awesome.  the thing is TINY, and it clips on to my shirt. how amazing is that??  and with the press of a button, it will tell me the name of the song and artist, and i can scroll through my different playlists. jackpot!! and no more little move your hand around the circle to navigate the thing...nope...just good ole fashioned buttons. + & - for volume and the others for skip forward or backwards.  can't get much easier than that!!  sunday morning can't come fast enough :)  and my husband is excited because football starts??  who knew?? 

Thursday, September 09, 2010

8 mi. VO2Max 5x800 @3:46 (RI 2:30)

so for my non-runner readers...
the title, in plain english means...
speed interval workout,
8 mi total, 3 mi warm-up,
run 1/2 mile 5 times, each time in 3:46 or better,
while recovering/jogging for 2:30 between each 1/2 mile run,
then 1.5 mi cooldown. i said i usually LOVE these workouts.
BUT, i haven't done one in a while,
since before the wharf to wharf race.
and i wasn't sure how fast to go.
so i went with what my training schedule said, 3:46.

ran my 3 warm-up miles outside.
came in and ran the intervals on the treadmill.
set the pace on 7:24 mile...and took off.
it was difficult, but not really bad.
ended with 3:46  HR165
next interval was 3:45 HR 167
was getting a little tired,
3:44 HR 169,
still not super tired,
and i did not want to puke yet,
so i cranked it up a little bit.
3:39 HR 171
and a bit more...
i ran the last one in
3:30 HR 173.

so basically i probably should have run all 5 @ 7:00 per mile pace.
i wanted to do a few more, but was running out of time.
had to get the kids breakfast, and make lunches.
today...rather than running my 5 recovery miles,
i decided to pick up the pace a little bit.
ran 5.63 mi /50:29/ avgHR 158/avg pace 8:58
and i did an hour of strength training videos
tons of lunges/squats/push-ups/core-work.
i'm gonna be sore tmr.
but i LOVE that kind of soreness.

in other an A on my chem test,
and i think i did well on my nutrition test last night.
ryne made the robotics team and is very excited.
he was chosen out of 30 kids for only 6 slots.
and tmr afternoon is shan's first cross country race.
getting pumped.
and the kids want me to sign them all up for
the cross city race here in fresno.

fun stuff.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

recovery week

this week is a recovery week.
only 43 miles on the schedule.
i'm kinda happy about it.
it's not that i really feel beat up or anything...
but mentally i need to recharge.
i want to add more core work/strength work to my routine
starting this week.
it has been lacking..
i want to make sure i continue to stay nice and strong for the race.

today i had 8 miles
i went at a speed that just felt a little more than easy pace.
8.02 mi/1:15:03/avgHR 157/avg pace 9:21
nice and cool this morning
a crispness in the air
love it.
can't wait for fall to get here.

the rest of the week looks like this:

wed: 8 mi  VO2max w/5x800 @ 3:46 (2:30 RI)
love intervals, and its been a while since i've done them. can't wait!!
thurs: 5 recovery miles + strength/core
fri: rest + strength/core
sat: 8 mi w/10 strides
sun: 14 mi med/long run

gotta go study for my nutrition test tmr night.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

"where i want to be"

for this entire week, my focus has been on today's run.

16 miles with 12 at marathon pace.

i knew it was going to be hard.  and i was ready to give it everything i had. this was going to be one of those workouts that could give me a huge confidence boost.  i was up for the challenge.  the whole week i've been talking to myself...trying to psyche myself up.

this week i found the book "run the mind-body method of running by feel" by matt fitzgerald.  i have to say, i loved this book.  great read. tons of great information, with lots of research to back it up.  it's all about trusting your gut and running/training by feel. for me, being so inexperienced, it's hard to know what would work for me as far as training plans and different types of runs, since i am so new to running. but he has tons of valuable information, even for a beginner.

he has a whole chapter devoted to "trying harder".  must have read over that chapter 2 or 3 times.  it seems most applicable to me right now.  the last couple weeks i have been trying to run more by feel, really pushing myself,  and trying not to be so attached to what Garmin says regarding pace/heart rate.
just going out and doing my best on every run.

love what the author says, "The capacity to tolerate suffering is as critical to success in running as are the various components of physical fitness."

"The runner who is serious about realizing his full potential in competition must suffer for the sake of suffering in training."

i think i've become too complacent in my training. yeah...i try hard..but i really don't feel like i wanna puke after my runs.  i used to feel that way.  when i first started running...before i could run a whole mile at one time, i remember feeling like my chest was going to explode when i was finished.  i gradually built up my time on the treadmill, so that i was running 30 minutes, but at the end i was always exhausted.  i always pushed myself. after a while of doing the 30 minutes, i added 15 minutes of intervals. after i finished those, on most days, i felt like i was going to puke.  but it felt so good!  i did that 5 days a week.  i REALLY was pushing myself.  somewhere along the way i stopped pushing myself so hard.  yeah...i feel like i give it my all on my tempo runs...but that's about it.  i use my recovery runs..well to recover..but the other runs...i run them easy.

"exposing yourself to intense suffering-in a controlled and sensible way, of course-will increase the amount of suffering you can tolerate in races and thereby increase your sustainable speed."

"Scientific and real-world evidence suggests that athletes increase their tolerance for suffering by developing "mental coping" skills that make the misery of fatigue more tolerable during repeated exposure to suffering."

the author talks about how he uses the mantra "this is where you want to be" when he is running hard.  he  talks about how, in his suffering, he often wishes the experience to be overwith quickly, but uses this mantra to remember to stay in the moment.

so today during my run, that was my mantra too.  i kept thinking about getting used to the pain...staying right there in that moment...the uncomfortable feeling of pushing myself.  reminding myself that this is how it will feel during the marathon. my goal was to push the whole way. to not have any regrets at the end that i didn't give it my all. the goal was to go under 9:00 avg for the run.

i didn't accomplish my goal...was a few seconds over.

but i am VERY happy with my run.  i pushed myself the WHOLE way.  the whole 16 miles.  i stayed in the moment...and pushed.  kept saying...this is where i want to be...over and over.  the last 3 miles, i really had to go to the bathroom, but nowhere to stop, so i just kept going.  so other than the stomach issues, i wouldn't have changed anything about this run. felt great and i'm super happy with it.

here's the stats:

16.09 miles/2:26:19/avg HR 160/ avg pace 9:05

9:34  HR 149
9:10  HR 160
9:00  HR 161
8:52  HR 162
9:07  HR 162
8:50  HR 164
9:06  HR 162
9:00  HR 160
9:00  HR 161
9:00  HR 161
9:06  HR 159
9:11  HR 160
9:04  HR 159
9:11  HR 157
9:09  HR 160
9:12  HR 159
0:47(9:05)  HR 157

note to self:  "pain is good because it teaches your body and your soal to improve" -Lance Armstrong

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

apple fritters & a run.

so yesterday was a stressful day. just tons of busy-ness happening.
 homework for me. homework for the kids.
making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be. errands to run.
i was out and about and starving.
forgot to grab a banana or something to take with me.
so what comes to mind???
i start craving an apple fritter.
yep. i stopped and bought one.
and ate it...not the whole thing, but most of it.
hadn't had one of those in forever.
and it tasted SO good.
but after...i thought about my run in the morning.
had i just blown it??  i was just waiting for the stomachache to happen.
but it didn't.
and my run this morning couldn't have been better!!!
on the schedule was 14 mi med/long run.
i needed to be back by 7 to get the kids ready for school
and waking up at 4 didn't sound appealing...
so i slept in until 4:30, and headed out at 5 for 12 miles instead.
i thought i would try to push it more than i have been
since i wouldn't be getting in all my miles.
i'm trying not to be a slave to my training plan :)
and i finally bought some pepper spray
just in case...
headed over to the park so i could run some hills.
the air this morning was great.
nice and crisp
was about 60 degrees.
fall is almost here.
tons of rabbits on the trail this morning
and lots of runners too.
even in the pitch dark..plenty of people out.
in fact, when i got to the entrance of the trail
there was a big group of people, probably about 10-12
i ran past them just cruising...
about a minute later, they take off.
they were going so fast...they just engulfed me and sped past.
i'm sure they were cruising at around a 7:00 pace.
well, they left me in the dust.
i just laughed to myself...
someday i'll be fast like them :)
got back and i was so pumped.
i love it when the kids ask me how my run cute!!
i just said it was OSOM!!!
here's the stats:
12.26mi/1:54:24/avg HR 158/avg 9:19

9:52  HR148
9:39  HR 155
9:18  HR 156
9:12  HR 161
9:20  HR 161
9:15  HR 159
9:20  HR 159
9:20  HR 159
9:20  HR 159
9:21  HR 159
9:11  HR 159
8:57  HR 159
2:18(8:46)  HR 160

nutrition class tonight & chem test on friday.
wish me luck.