Tuesday, September 14, 2010

so last friday was shan's first cross country meet.  i think i was more excited than she was.  this was one of the bigger meets, because all the local elementary schools would be there. there was probably about 90-100 4th grade girls racing.  they ran all around the middle school fields...we saw shan in the distance as she took off. the race distance was .7 mi.  at the first point when she came close to us, i was taking pictures, and of course yelling for her...she looks at rich and i and says..."i can't!"  what do you mean you can't???? we yelled, GO!!!  that girl got her second wind and by the final stretch had a giant kick. she was passing people right and left. she finally ended up passing this girl in the picture. love that look of determination on her face.  she was so pumped after the race, and told me, " I LOVE RUNNING!"  that's my girl :) she came in 28th, and was so excited. can't wait to see her run again.

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