Friday, September 17, 2010

v-ups & a skirt

my friend, Kristina, invited me to join her at bootcamp this morning.
so i went.  i was so excited.
just a small group of 6 of us.
met some really nice people who are also running the two cities marathon.
it was really fun, but the v-ups were kicking my butt.
( remember those don't you. LOL)
kristina is training with this group called pinnacle for her half marathon
and she also does the runner bootcamp 2 days a week.
i've been to other bootcamps,
 so i was curious to see what it was all about.
so today we did a circuit of
10 v-ups
20 flutter kicks
run a little ways
and do 20 high knees
run a little ways
do 10 dips
and finally
10 push-ups leaning on the picnic table seat
and then run back to the beginning and
run through the circuit as many times as you can.
i think we did it for about 45 minutes.
i lost track of how many times i went around,
but it was ALOT.

we just went through the circuit as fast or as slow as we wanted.
at first i was big deal.
by the 3rd time around...
my arms were on FIRE.
my triceps, shoulders & chest already are sore.
i can't wait to feel them tmr.
the guy that ran it was super nice,
(can't remember his name)
but i said thanks for torturning me with the v-ups.
he laughed.

so hopefully i won't be too sore for my runs this weekend.
saturday i have 5 recovery miles
and sunday is my second 20 miler
getting excited!!

i've also been thinking about my marathon outfit :)
i tried on a running skirt the other day at sports authority,
didn't like how the nike skirt fit.
but i found these online
and they are super cute
and look comfortable.
i added a video i found on their blog
with their new fall line...
watch the video...
two girls are wearing this black/gray argyle skirt...
that is the one that i want.
so stinkin' cute.
with black compression socks.

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