Tuesday, September 14, 2010


took off this morning for my 10 mi run
with 7 at tempo pace (8:30).
the first two miles were warm-up...
just cruised along..no problem.
my garmin beeped and it was time to step it up.
speed up to 8:30 or so pace.
cruising on the streets/sidewalks in our neighborhood
streetlights on/ headlamp on.
the first mile, was hard, but not unbearably so...
started to zone out
and just get used to the pace,
first tempo mile was 8:26...
feeling good.
still shuffling along on the sidewalk,
catch my toe on a raised grate in the sidewalk
and i totally flew forward.
it was like in slow-motion...
landed and slid on my right knee & hands.
kinda laid there a second, and then hopped up
and started to run again.
i was right at the beginning of my tempo,
no way was i going to let this stop me.
my hand kinda hurt, but no blood,
look down at my knee,
serious scrape, and blood.
my water bottle got a little torn up & scratched.
by the end of the run the blood had dripped down my leg & dried
sorry...no picture.
so does that make me bad ass or just clumsy??

so the fall slowed me a little for mile two 8:41
miles 3-5 were going along fine
8:36, 8:26, 8:35

when i got to mile 6
lots of negative thoughts
and self doubt started to take over.
had to really keep pushing out the negative
and focus on my goal.
i really am my own worst enemy!!!
mile 6 & 7 were 8:39, 8:49
that last mile, i wanted to stop so badly.
i know i have more in me...my HR wasn't upbearably high.
can't wait to see how i do in the race on the 25th.

and finally a mile cool-down.

all this on 4 hours sleep.
i slept great last night until about 1:30
then was tossing & turning until 4:30
when i finally got up to run.
drew came home yesterday from school
and his eye was bugging him,
i think it's just probably pink eye.
but of course, because i'm neurotic
and can't stop worrying..
i was up those last 3 hours thinking about him
hoping he did not wake up and have his eye so puffy/goopy.

so called the dr. this morning
and we have an appt at 11:30
now he says the other eye is getting itchy...
oy vay!!

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