Sunday, September 19, 2010

20 things i learned from my second 20 miler

1.  it's so much nicer to not have to run with a headlamp.  left this morning at about 6. the first few miles were on sidewalks near local shopping centers, so it was nice and bright until the sun came up.

2.i love running with my new shuffle.

3. when running with ipod and music turned up on the trail, make sure to look around to see if anyone is close before doing an "okie blow".

4. apologize profusely when accidentally "okie blowing" on the nice man running. 

5. lemon-lime gatorade tastes AWESOME when mixed with fruit punch gatorade.

6. i don't like my nike short-sleeve running shirt. when soaked with sweat it sticks to me.

7.  i need sunglasses that don't fog up when i run.

8.  when passing by the old-folks home at around 6 a.m. it smells like eggs, pancakes, & bacon.

9.  after smelling the eggs, pancakes,  & bacon...that is all i thought about the rest of the run.

10.  after a 20 mile run; eggs, pancakes, & bacon taste REALLY good!!!!

11.  if you leave a note for your husband that you will be by the house at 8 a.m. to get gatorade, and end up showing up early and not seeing him...he will not know that you came by and will come looking for you.

12. after having 3 chocolate mint GU' is no longer my favorite.

13. iron maiden really does make me run fast.

14. i loved getting a second wind at mile 15.

15. you really do use your arms when you run...i know... cuz mine are still sore from bootcamp the other day.

16. the best recovery drink is a GIANT glass of chocolate milk.

17.  compression socks work wonders on tired, sore legs.

18.  this run was a huge confidence booster.

19.  even when i try to run slow...i end up running faster than i wanted.

20.  when i finished my run...i wished i could have kept going.  48 days!!

20.02 mi/ 3:10:20/avgHR 153/ avg pace 9:30

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Tony Overbay said...

That's what I'm talking about! Way to go young grasshopper! :-) You're so ready. Okie blowing, mixing gatorade, old folks home bacon and eggs smell, chocolate milk, welcome to my world! You're going to do great!

Seriously, Blogger is telling me to type the word poosea, might be my new favorite word.