Thursday, September 16, 2010

i was tired this morning.
so i slept in,
i knew it was going to be cooler this morning,
so i decided to go for my 12 mi run
after the kids left for school.
drove over to the park and ran.
it was really nice to be running without my headlamp
in the sun.
although, at the end it did get a little warm,
and i was wishing it was 55 degrees rather than the 78 it already was.
i felt like i was so sluggish this morning,
but wasn't really paying any attention to garmin
and was just enjoying my music and climbing some hills.
didn't really think about a whole lot this morning on my run.
kinda just spaced out.
mentally, i'm feeling tired.
i don't know if its school, or all the kids' school stuff going on,
but my mind is tired.
it was nice not to think about anything for a couple hours.

i finally watched "spirit of the marathon" on hulu the other day.
i've heard people talk about it,
but had never seen it.
i loved it.
 very motivating,
and inspirational
and totally, made me cry
several times :)

the marathon
feels like something so big
and insurmountable.
and yet, with the strength that god has given me,
i am able to get up everyday and run and prepare for it.
somedays, i am amazed that i was able to accomplish what i did,
but i know,
and am thankful to the One who makes it all possible.
i am thankful that i get to run.

12.04mi /1:52:11/ avgHR 157/ avg pace 9:18

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