Friday, September 10, 2010

i'm back in business...

with this little baby, in blue.
you see, my ipod died while we were on our santa cruz trip this summer. well, actually, i killed it.
soda was ACCIDENTALLY spilled all over my ipod, camera, and phone.i was seriously upset, but i had a deep fried twinkie and got over myself.  Rich managed to save my phone, but the camera & the ipod were toast.  so i have been running without any music for a while now.  which hasn't really bothered me a whole lot, since i probably won't run with my music in the mornings, when its dark out.  i'm too freaked out without the added distraction.  but i have been running my long runs of late without any music. and i think it would be fun to listen to some.  maybe it will pump me up and make me go faster :)  anyways, rich is going to be finishing up his crazy 2 weeks of overtime, so sunday i won't have to start my long run @ 4:30 :)  i think i will actually wait until the sun comes up and run it without my headlamp and with my new little shuffle.  this is THE coolest little music player.  i had a nano before and it was great, but this is BEYOND awesome.  the thing is TINY, and it clips on to my shirt. how amazing is that??  and with the press of a button, it will tell me the name of the song and artist, and i can scroll through my different playlists. jackpot!! and no more little move your hand around the circle to navigate the thing...nope...just good ole fashioned buttons. + & - for volume and the others for skip forward or backwards.  can't get much easier than that!!  sunday morning can't come fast enough :)  and my husband is excited because football starts??  who knew?? 

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