Tuesday, September 07, 2010

recovery week

this week is a recovery week.
only 43 miles on the schedule.
i'm kinda happy about it.
it's not that i really feel beat up or anything...
but mentally i need to recharge.
i want to add more core work/strength work to my routine
starting this week.
it has been lacking..
i want to make sure i continue to stay nice and strong for the race.

today i had 8 miles
i went at a speed that just felt a little more than easy pace.
8.02 mi/1:15:03/avgHR 157/avg pace 9:21
nice and cool this morning
a crispness in the air
love it.
can't wait for fall to get here.

the rest of the week looks like this:

wed: 8 mi  VO2max w/5x800 @ 3:46 (2:30 RI)
love intervals, and its been a while since i've done them. can't wait!!
thurs: 5 recovery miles + strength/core
fri: rest + strength/core
sat: 8 mi w/10 strides
sun: 14 mi med/long run

gotta go study for my nutrition test tmr night.

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