Thursday, September 09, 2010

8 mi. VO2Max 5x800 @3:46 (RI 2:30)

so for my non-runner readers...
the title, in plain english means...
speed interval workout,
8 mi total, 3 mi warm-up,
run 1/2 mile 5 times, each time in 3:46 or better,
while recovering/jogging for 2:30 between each 1/2 mile run,
then 1.5 mi cooldown. i said i usually LOVE these workouts.
BUT, i haven't done one in a while,
since before the wharf to wharf race.
and i wasn't sure how fast to go.
so i went with what my training schedule said, 3:46.

ran my 3 warm-up miles outside.
came in and ran the intervals on the treadmill.
set the pace on 7:24 mile...and took off.
it was difficult, but not really bad.
ended with 3:46  HR165
next interval was 3:45 HR 167
was getting a little tired,
3:44 HR 169,
still not super tired,
and i did not want to puke yet,
so i cranked it up a little bit.
3:39 HR 171
and a bit more...
i ran the last one in
3:30 HR 173.

so basically i probably should have run all 5 @ 7:00 per mile pace.
i wanted to do a few more, but was running out of time.
had to get the kids breakfast, and make lunches.
today...rather than running my 5 recovery miles,
i decided to pick up the pace a little bit.
ran 5.63 mi /50:29/ avgHR 158/avg pace 8:58
and i did an hour of strength training videos
tons of lunges/squats/push-ups/core-work.
i'm gonna be sore tmr.
but i LOVE that kind of soreness.

in other an A on my chem test,
and i think i did well on my nutrition test last night.
ryne made the robotics team and is very excited.
he was chosen out of 30 kids for only 6 slots.
and tmr afternoon is shan's first cross country race.
getting pumped.
and the kids want me to sign them all up for
the cross city race here in fresno.

fun stuff.

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Chris and Lisa said...

sounds like a great week at your house!!! tell Ryne congrats on the robotics team and wish shannon luck on her cross country meet. As for you..awesome job on the chem test...super proud of you!!! love ya