Wednesday, September 01, 2010

apple fritters & a run.

so yesterday was a stressful day. just tons of busy-ness happening.
 homework for me. homework for the kids.
making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be. errands to run.
i was out and about and starving.
forgot to grab a banana or something to take with me.
so what comes to mind???
i start craving an apple fritter.
yep. i stopped and bought one.
and ate it...not the whole thing, but most of it.
hadn't had one of those in forever.
and it tasted SO good.
but after...i thought about my run in the morning.
had i just blown it??  i was just waiting for the stomachache to happen.
but it didn't.
and my run this morning couldn't have been better!!!
on the schedule was 14 mi med/long run.
i needed to be back by 7 to get the kids ready for school
and waking up at 4 didn't sound appealing...
so i slept in until 4:30, and headed out at 5 for 12 miles instead.
i thought i would try to push it more than i have been
since i wouldn't be getting in all my miles.
i'm trying not to be a slave to my training plan :)
and i finally bought some pepper spray
just in case...
headed over to the park so i could run some hills.
the air this morning was great.
nice and crisp
was about 60 degrees.
fall is almost here.
tons of rabbits on the trail this morning
and lots of runners too.
even in the pitch dark..plenty of people out.
in fact, when i got to the entrance of the trail
there was a big group of people, probably about 10-12
i ran past them just cruising...
about a minute later, they take off.
they were going so fast...they just engulfed me and sped past.
i'm sure they were cruising at around a 7:00 pace.
well, they left me in the dust.
i just laughed to myself...
someday i'll be fast like them :)
got back and i was so pumped.
i love it when the kids ask me how my run cute!!
i just said it was OSOM!!!
here's the stats:
12.26mi/1:54:24/avg HR 158/avg 9:19

9:52  HR148
9:39  HR 155
9:18  HR 156
9:12  HR 161
9:20  HR 161
9:15  HR 159
9:20  HR 159
9:20  HR 159
9:20  HR 159
9:21  HR 159
9:11  HR 159
8:57  HR 159
2:18(8:46)  HR 160

nutrition class tonight & chem test on friday.
wish me luck.

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