Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i did it again.

the last couple days have been a blur.
everything has been moving SO fast.
monday was a rest day-runningwise.
but i was taking advantage and making sure my recovery
from my 20 went well.
my legs have been a little tight since my run,
so i've been stretching/massaging them really well.

on tuesday i got up and ran 4.5 miles to warmup
and then i had 6x600 intervals to do.
i opted for the treadmill for those.
the track was full of people and didn't feel like dealing with that.
the plan was to run the 600's @ 2:25 with 1:30 RI
well the legs didn't want to move that fast.
i ended up running
2:38 HR 166
2:38 HR 168
2:38 HR 169
2:36 HR 171
2:36 HR 171
2:35 HR 172
1 mi cooldown
total of about 8 miles.
and i did feel like i wanted to puke after those.
it was great!!!
i think those work out to be under 7:00m/m pace.
love me some intervals.

then had 12 on the schedule for this morning.
wasn't sure how the legs were gonna feel.
and it was chilly this morning, 59 degrees,
had to wear my long-sleeve shirt today.
its starting to feel like fall. legs felt like cement blocks.
they did not want to move,
and for the first 4 miles,
i really felt like crying...not because they hurt,
but i was feeling sorry for myself.
why haven't my legs recovered?
why am i pushing myself so hard?
if i can't run well today, how am i gonna do on sat, for my race?
am i even having fun?
why am i running in the dark?
and then i gave myself a little pep talk
and all was better.
the last four miles,
i told myself to go at a pace that i was comfortable.
i start to think happy thoughts and
then look at my garmin,
it was a 10:30 pace,
and i thought...well not that comfortable.
so i picked it up a little bit.
ended up feeling like i hadn't had a very good run.
downloaded the garmin info
and it instantly made me happy :)

12.26mi/ 1:54:25/ avg HR 153/ avg pace 9:19
i guess i didn't do as bad as i thought. legs are tired,
but they were still cruising,
and the HR was low.
i'm stoked.

and yes, i did it again.
wasn't watching who was around, or where i was "okie blowing"
so this time, a man on a bike got sprayed.
sorry mr. man :P

trying not to think about my race on saturday too much.
i don't want to stress myself out.
its the SMOKEY BEAR 10k at BASS LAKE
got my number last weekend,
i'm #24
the kids are running the 1/2 mi kids run at 8:00
and then i run at 8:30.
wish me luck.

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Chris and Lisa said...

why didn't I know you were running on saturday? you go will be just fine :) can't wait to hear how it goes. I will be hopping on my new treadmill tonight..wish ME luck :)!