Sunday, October 03, 2010

the hardest run of this training cycle
18 mi w/14 @ MP
i was shooting for 8:50's
didn't turn out how i would have liked.
it was definitely a bummer of a run.

when i left this am at 6 it was 74 degrees
and the dewpoint was 64.
i felt like i walked out into a sauna
the air was SO thick.
i can't remember ever feeling the air so heavy

i did 4 warm up miles
and by the time the warm up was over i was already
drenched with sweat
 i decided to take a salt cap eventhough it hadn't been an hour
and i was drinking tons.

the first two miles were hard,
but then i felt like i got into a groove
and cruised for the next 4 or 5 miles
by mile 10 or so...
the heat started getting to me
it was harder to breath
and i was starting to fade fast.
stopped at home quick for more gatorade
i just felt like no matter how hard i pushed
i couldn't go any faster.
i decided to just finish the final 6 miles
 of the run at my normal pace.

definitely disappointed.
my confidence is definitely shaken
definitely awaiting the cooler weather
definitely tired & a little bit sore

18.17mi/ 2:49:34/ avg HR 158/ avg pace 9:19

warm: 9:58, 9:27, 9:35,9:14
i finished the week
 with 53.27 miles,
1026.77 miles YTD,
legs tired,
 & left knee a little wonky.

this week
i have 51 miles planned
& hoping my legs & knee recover
mon: rest
tues: 8 general aerobic run
wed: 12 med/long
thurs: 4 recovery
fri: 10 general aerobic
sat: rest
sun: cross city race 10k + 11 miles

34 more days :)

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