Sunday, October 31, 2010

6 days 21 hours...

the countdown has begun.
had my last "long run" this morning.
12 miles.
and to be honest,
it didn't feel that great.
my breathing has not be good.
the asthma/coughing has taken hold.
so my HR was higher while running.
12.10mi/ 1:55:29/ avg HR 156/ avg pace 9:32

drew's fever has finally broken,
after 6 days,
but shan is sick now.

i feel fine except for the breathing part.
but i am taking my inhalers...
and my vitamins...
and my airborne...
and praying my breathing gets better.

i have 3 short runs this week.
                                                                                tues-7 easy
                                                                                wed-5 mi. dress rehearsal...w/2 mi @MP
                                                                                thurs: 5 recovery
                                                                                sat-rest/hit the expo
                                                                                sun-SHOW TIME

my goal this week is to REST, and get better :)

during the month of october i ran 203.71 miles a new PR/ 1206.34mi YTD

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