Sunday, July 11, 2010

a surprise...and a sunrise run

i've been following the pfitz plan pretty closely and today was a scheduled long run of 13 miles
no problem..had it on my schedule since the beginning.
surprise arises when...
i pick-up the book again from the library yesterday...
and its the second edition book.
had no idea they updated the book...and the training plans.
so i'm looking over all the updates to the book
and training plans and notice that my long run of 13 miles
now includes...8 miles at marathon pace.
wish i would have known that before i did an hour of strength training/core work
well...i really don't know what my marathon pace is going to be.
or what i'm capable of.
based on my last 6 mi tempo run time (53:34)
from the mcmillan calculator... MP is 9:58.
and from vdot calculator ...MP is 9:41.
so my plan was to try to run in between those two times.
rich was working today, and its going to be 103 degrees today...
so i needed to get an early start this morning.
woke up at 4:45.
and was out the door at 5.
legs felt tired right away from the strength/core work
i did yesterday.
and i couldn't see my garmin to tell if i was on pace
because it was PITCH DARK!!
i stayed on the sidewalk/trail until things lightened up.
the run itself was pretty uneventful.
but after a couple miles my legs loosened up
and i got in a groove.
here's the splits: (need to figure out how to just copy info from garminconnect)
yay! i did it. i can't believe it! those 8 miles averaged out to about 9:52 pace.
so excited. and this is just the beginning of marathon training.
13.1 mi. total
avg pace 10:02
weekly total 40.02 miles
yearly total 505.23
off to go rest up, eat, and pack.
gonna spend a couple days with my sister.

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