Thursday, July 01, 2010

a little speed

went to bed early last night...
i was a little bit nervous for my run today.
on the schedule was a tempo run...
8 miles w/6@9:15.
this is basically a simulation of my race
at the end of the month.
my goal for the race is to go sub 54:00
and this tempo run would give me a good indication
if my goal was even attainable.

the alarm went off at 5:15.
got up...threw on my shoes, garmin, ipod, & hat
ate a yogurt,
and headed out the door.
the first mile was a warm-up..
felt good.
eased into a faster pace...
and surprisingly, it wasn't as hard as i thought.
the whole run felt really good.
during the last mile, i started to get a mild headache..
need to drink more.
but i did it...
here's my times for the run
the first and last miles are warm-up, cooldown

by my calculation, i ran 53:34 for the 6 miles.
i'm beyond excited.

also added up my mileage for the month of june...
138.93 miles
that is the most i have run in a month...

total for the year so far is 447.67
not bad considering i didn't run for 2 months.

off to read my new runner's world magazine that just came in the mail :)
happy running.

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