Wednesday, July 14, 2010

found my new tempo...FAST for me anyways :)
you guessed was tempo run day.
love tempo runs.
especially after a day of rest,
my legs felt so fresh.

on the schedule...
8 mi w/6 @ 9:00
was actually hoping to beat my last 6 mi.tempo run
from a couple weeks ago (53:34)

headed out and it was still dark,
but seemed to lighten up pretty quickly this morning.
a couple times i wondered if i had looked at the clock wrong
and left later...but nope... normal time.
so just cruised along for my warm up mile,
stopped for a second to stretch before i hit the tempo miles.
and then at mile 2 i was off.
i got up to speed and the legs felt awesome.
look down at garmin and i'm cruising at about 8:15 pace
better slow down.
slowed it down...and tried to keep it at about 8:45 pace or so.
just cruising now....
miles 3 & 4 felt tough for some reason.
stopped quickly to get a drink at the fountain
and i was off again.
TONS of people on the trail today
bootcamps going on and lots of people walking.
tried to really push it the last mile,
then an easy mile cool-down.
here's the splits.
i was so EXCITED to see them when i got home

10:20, 8:22, 9:02,8:50, 8:37, 8:51, 8:36, 9:55, 1:02(8:59)

8.11 miles total
avg. pace for whole run was 9:04
for 6 tempo miles 52:18 WOW!!! that is a new PR for me.
i can't wait for santa cruz.
i'm just a little worried about how big the hills might be.
i think i'll do one or two of my runs this week over at woodward park
to get in some hill work.

ohhh and i got my new Gas Cap in the mail yesterday.
tried it for the run this morning.
super comfortable & holds the GU's tightly without any movement.
didn't use any GU's on this run, but took them along for the ride.
plus its super cute :)

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