Monday, June 28, 2010

looking back...and ahead

so i found this old picture of me the other night...
all i can say is wow!
i don't even know who that person is anymore.
i just can't stop staring at it...
it's like i never really saw myself like that.
its really strange.
but i am a different person now.
i'm trying to eat healthy..
for me...
and for my family.
i feel really guilty because i was not a good role model for my kids when it came to eating.
it was always junk food galore at our house.
but i've come to think of food in a different way now.
food is fuel.
food is fuel.
what does my body NEED?
sure...i would love a big sundae
but i will regret eating it when my body doesn't feel good after.
food is fuel.
that has been my mantra over the past year.
i've really tried to educate myself on everything nutrition...
what to eat...
and why.
read tons
and tons
of books.
and along the way...
i have found two things that i'm very passionate about...
and helping people eat better & be healthier.
it starts with just one change...
then another...
and another.
looking ahead.
i'm excited...
i've decided to run a marathon.
two cities marathon november 7th
here in fresno.
i officially started my training today.
i will be taking a nutrition class @ city college
this semester...
with the hopes of becoming a dietician someday :)
i'm gonna try to post my training
and recipes
and other stuff
that i come across
that helps me stay healthy.

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