Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'tis the season

lots of rain happening here.
crazy amounts.
finished shopping.
this is going to be a barbie/army christmas.
the wrapping has started.

drinking lots of coffee to keep warm.
pumpkin spice creamer = love

celebrated christmas with my parents monday night
very fun.
traditional saurkraut & kielbasa for dinner
(kids had sloppy joes)
opened gifts
shannon played barbies
boys ran around the house with their nerf guns
apple pie & ice cream
watched miracle on 34th street
the kids loved it
nice, quiet evening with grandma & grandpa

break in the rain yesterday
went to riverpark to walk around
and looked at lights & decorations
in n out burger for dinner

woke up ready to run
pouring rain/still dark
i think i'll wait til its light out
and then go : )
btw...vanilla gingerbread Gu...thumbs up!  very yummy

yesterday's run:   8.58mi / 1:18:10/ avgHR 161/ avg. 9:06

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