Sunday, August 22, 2010

i heart sundays.

because its long run day. well that is not the only reason, but its a big one. i LOVe to run long. to just keep running. and today was probably the best run i have ever had.  it just felt amazing.  it's hard to explain. but everything clicked.  it wasn't difficult, i wasn't tired, my stomach didn't bother me, my breathing wasn't labored, i wasn't rushing it & i wasn't worried about my hydration.  it just felt awesome. i definitely had the runner's high today. i really just wanted to keep going. today i ran 18, but i felt like i could have run forever.  i can't wait until next week's 20 miler.
                                            today's run:   18.04mi./3:01:11/avgHR 151/avg 10:02

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