Sunday, August 29, 2010

wahoo!! first 20 miler!!!

i couldn't be happier with how i ran my first 20 miler!!!  i was a little nervous to be running it alone, but knew it would be good practice for the race. i had no ipod, just me and my thoughts for 20 amazing miles.  my plan was to run out to woodward park and get in some hills during the first half, and come back by home to refill my waterbottle with gatorade, and then head out to clovis for a second loop.  it mentally broke up the 20 miles nicely.  finished the first loop and swung by home. rich was outside waiting for me with gatorade. he asked how i felt, and i felt awesome. ready to tackle the second half.  felt like i was just on cruise...occaisionally checking on the heartrate, and it was where i wanted it to be. the last five is where i wanted to push a little and i did. my legs felt strong. the wind picked up the last 3 miles, which is really crazy.  its been so hot this past week (in the 100's), and today its only supposed to be 80. so there was a little wind...nothing too big. just kept pushing.  kept checking heartrate to make sure i wasn't too high...surprised to see that it was relatively low for the end of the run...pushed a little more. and more. finished in 3:14:10.

here's the stats:
9:56 HR 149
9:52 HR 153
9:52 HR 152
9:34 HR 154
9:51 HR 154
9:44 HR 152
9:45 HR 151
9:46 HR 153
10:04 HR 152
9:50 HR 152
9:42 HR 152
9:59 HR 150
9:46 HR 152
9:35 HR 153
9:33 HR 153
9:39 HR 153
9:23 HR 155
9:29 HR 156
9:22 HR 158
9:12 HR 159
0:16 (8:37) HR 160

20.03mi/3:14:10/avgHR 153/74% HRR/avg pace 9:41

i am most excited about my HR. it never got too high and towards the end when i was trying to push it HR didn't go super high.
gotta go eat...i'm starving :)

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