Sunday, August 08, 2010

the perfect run

i don't think a run could get any better.
the weather was perfect this morning
and the company even better.
katie offered to ride her bike with me this morning
and be my pitcrew.
of course, i was super excited.
i was a wee bit nervous for my 16 miler
this is the longest i have ever run
and i was supposed to run 10 miles at marathon pace
which i hoped would be 9:30 pace per mile.
to say i was nervous...
would have been an understatement.
so i was stoked that katie offered to come.
got up about 5am...wanted to make sure
i ate something (1/2 banana, bagelthin w/pb2 & coffee)
and went to the bathroom before i left.
been having stomach issues as of late...
but i think its cuz i don't get up early enough to eat
and go to the bathroom before i leave.
so i wanted to iron out my nutrition & prerace fuel
and fueling during the run.
used my new gas cap
w/3 gu's
the cap is awesome.
the gu's stay put and you don't even feel them
definitely worth the 20 bucks.
got to katie's at about 6 and we took off.
the first five miles were on the trail
and then we got to woodward park and i Gu'd there
the eaton trail was busy this morning
and the miles were flying by
we were chatting away and having lots of fun
gu'd @ mile 10 as we were leaving woodward park
and got back on the bike trail
just drinking water every so often
then about 13.5 i got the chills
figured i should gu again. so i did.
i LOVE chocolate GU.
and drank a bunch of water.
feeling good...we're cruising along until we arrive back at katie's.
right after...chugged a bottle of water
and a slimfast
and drove home.
jumped in an ice bath
and i'm feeling awesome.
was wicked excited when i saw the stats of my run.
for those 10 miles i averaged 9:27.
9:17 HR159
9:23 HR160
9:24 HR159
9:22 HR159
9:40 HR158
9:40 HR158
9:41 HR157
9:32 HR158
9:19 HR160
2:00(9:24)HR 160
so excited.
16.21 miles in 2:38:29 average HR 155
i'm craving pizza :)

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