Tuesday, August 31, 2010

august recap

august was huge for me in many ways.

lots of things happening.
running-wise this was a huge PR month for me.

i ran 191.39 miles this month.

791.88 miles year to date.
getting closer to my goal of 1000 mi for the year.

had 4 long runs this month: 16, 12, 18, & 20
i ran my first 20 miler
and it was AWESOME.

i have my hydration/fueling dialed in.
such a relief.

had my very first run where i averaged
 under a 9:00 pace for 10 miles.

i'm feeling really strong,
and getting super excited for the marathon.

new goals in mind...
planning out my racing strategy...
deciding on a cute outfit to wear for the big day
(you know that is super important LOL)
and trying to stay focused.
"eyes on the prize violet...eyes on the prize"

school started this month.
loving my nutrition class...
chemistry..not so much.
both are going well though.
the kids started school too
shan's running cross-country
ryne wants to play clarinet & wants to join the robotics club
drew is happily playing legos & riding his skateboard
homework is taking forever at night
rich has been working TONS of overtime
and i'm just trying to stay one step ahead of everyone :)

this week is another big week:
mon: rest day
tues: 6 easy, recovery miles (was a little stiff this a.m.)
wed: 12-14 mi med/long run
thurs: 6 recovery miles
fri: rest day/strength/core
sat: 6 recovery miles
sun: 16mi w/12@MP

here's to a great week!!!

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