Monday, August 09, 2010

strength training

this is my favorite all-time exercise dvd.
i started using this dvd when i first was losing weight
over a 18 months ago.
it is awesome.
it has 3 different levels,
you start with level 1, and after 2 weeks,
add on level 2, then after 2 more weeks
add on level 3.
i worked through the progression a long time ago,
so now i just do the whole video about once a week.
it is a serious workout for your butt, legs, core & arms.
i love it.
bob shows you the exercises but also ways to make them harder.
and he's really motivating.
it never fails that i am sore for a couple days after doing this dvd.
sore... in a good way.
strength training is really important.
especially when i was trying to lose weight.
it builds lean muscle, which burns more fat.
plus...when you're done working out
your metabolism is still burning calories.
but strength training is vital now to keep my legs and core strong
so i'm able to run the high mileage i've been.
the dvd runs about an hour...
and at the end i am dripping sweat.
i love it.

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