Tuesday, August 17, 2010

it takes a bad one..

to appreciate the good ones.
yep...this morning's run stunk.
i really had high hopes for this run.
my plan called for 10 miles lactate threshold run w/5 mi @ 15k to half marathon race pace
so for me that would be 8:50-9:02
but two weeks ago,
i ran 4 @ 8:33, 8:38, 8:28, 8:37
so i was hoping to run that or better.
well my legs did not want to move that fast this a.m.
the plan was run 3 mi warm-up, 5 @ tempo, 2 mi cooldown
by miles 2, my legs felt like bricks.
not sure what happened.
i didn't have my usual bagelthin w/pb2,
instead i had yogurt.
and i didn't have my normal bedtime snack last night.
i'm trying to watch my calories.
my stomach was growling in the middle of the night.
so maybe i wasn't fueled enough.
but also my allergies have been bad lately,
had to use my inhaler yesterday.
so maybe that is it too.
the run went something like this:
boy, my legs are tired.
8:51 HR 167
why am i having to push so hard?
keep going.
8:50 HR 170
push harder.
9:02 HR 171
come on rachelle...keep it going..
talking to myself alot..
don't give up
keep it under nine minutes.
9:11 HR 169
i'm getting my butt kicked this a.m.
keep going.
you can do it.
almost done.
one more mile.
9:02 HR 169
that stunk.
10.08mi/1:36:07/avg pace 9:31/avg HR 163

my HR was actually higher on this run
and my times slower
than it was on my tempo run two weeks ago.
but i know it is just one run.
and i still have 12 weeks til the marathon.
plenty of time to redeem myself :)

on a side note..
school yesterday was awesome.
love my chem class.
can't wait for nutrition wed night.

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