Thursday, August 12, 2010

learning from a master.

headed out for my run this a.m.
so this hydration/fueling issue
has been weighing on my mind for a while now.
i had this sinking feeling
that it would be my downfall during my marathon.
i needed to get a plan down so that during the race i will know exactly how often to drink/fuel.
after my 16 miler last weekend.,
the whole chills thing had me researching more and i knew i was not hydrating enough. (thanks for worrying about me grandpa & pattie :)) i figured i only drank about 30 or so ounces of water the entire run.
not enough!
i sweat like a pig and the weather isn't even that hot.
i usually run early in the morning when its nice and cool,
and i still come back from runs covered in salt.
usually i have white patches on my arms, legs and face from the accumulation of salt. so gross.
so i know i need to drink.  my problem is always how to carry it, & how often i should be drinking.  i have a fuel belt, which i hate.  the thing is so bulky and jostles around, and is not the least bit comfortable.  i've tried to make the best of it.  so i don't usually carry water. i plan my routes so that i will have access to water fountains, and usually just grab a few sips whenever i pass one.  but that is not the only problem.  my friend, katie, went with me on my run last weekend on her bike, and she carried my water, and i still didn't drink anything until about mile 5.5.  i drank when i gu'd. we were chatting so much that time just flew by and i hadn't drank anything. i know i need to pay more attention to hydrating.  so i've been emailing with my new running coach...just kidding.( hi tony!) and he's been so graciously giving me tons of advice.  i told him about my frustration with hydration/fueling and he gave me the ins & outs on how to become a HYDRATION MASTER. 
1. lose the fuel belt...get a handheld waterbottle...he recommended this.
2. sip gatorade or GU brew from said waterbottle every half mile...refill every 7 or 8 miles.
3. gel every 45 mins
4. use a salt tablet every hour.
how could i question what a Western States 100 mile endurance finisher is telling me??  I was out the door and at REI buying my new handheld water bottle within 30 minutes. i would have been there quicker, but the kids took a long time to put on their shoes. LOL seriously. i tried to hunt down the salt tablets too, but no i just ordered them online.  should have those soon!
so this morning, i was like a kid at christmas time. so excited!  i couldn't wait to use my new waterbottle/hydration plan. i weighed myself before my run and i was 142. my plan was to weigh myself after, to see how much i'd lost. so i took off about 5:30 or so for my 8 miler with gatorade (that is what they're having at the marathon) in my handheld.  the bottle is super comfortable...problem is that its cold.  now if you know know i have issues with always being cold, plus i have Raynaud's Syndrome.  my fingers like to go numb when they come in contact with anything cold. so when i set out...i wasn't sure  if this was going to work, but by half mile, when i took my first fingers/hand was fine. no worries. by the first mile...i was in love. this handheld bottle is OSOM!!  seriously, love it.  and by the end of the run, i didn't even notice it anymore.  i made sure to sip every half mile and gel'd at 45 mins. the whole run really felt great. i wasn't as tired as i usually feel, especially the last few miles, and i'm sure that's from being more hydrated.  i weighed in at 140 when i got home, so i guess i still need to drink more.  8 easy miles in 1:19:15. avg pace 9:53, avg HR 152.  all in all, a good run, and i think i'm on my way to becoming a HYDRATION MASTER...thanks tony!


Chris and Lisa said...

Isn't Tony the best!! When you don't know something, you go to the experts and Tony is just that!!

Hopefully you have it all figured out and under control for your next race!!! That "sweating like a pig" kinda runs in the family!

Tony Overbay said...

Love it! You are the hydration master! OK, the "coach" part scared me :-) Here I am typing my thoughts to you not even thinking about the fact that you might actually do them! But look at you! Way to go! As a fellow pig-sweater, you're well on your way to hydration nirvana! Now, when I get you running those ultras, you'll need one in each hand :-)