Wednesday, August 04, 2010

so yesterday was my tempo run day
and i was not really looking forward to it
cuz my right quad has been bugging me...
not really pain...
just a stiffness/soreness
like you get after lifting weights or something.
i think it's time for new shoes...
my beloved nike pegasus' have a little more than 400 miles on them
and they need to be retired.
so i wasn't sure how my quad was going to react
when i asked it to go fast.
i figured i would just take the first couple warm-up miles slow
and see how it went...
rich had massaged it the night before and
i really stretched it well before i ran
so the plan was 9 miles w/4@ 8:45pace
the first 2 miles were fine..took them nice and slow..10:36, 9:45
the leg felt great...just like new
lots of pep
so at mile 3 i took off
love to go fast
checked garmin to see my pace & heart rate
wanted to keep my HR between 156-171
which is my optimal HR for a tempo run
(according to Pfitzinger is 77-88% of heart rate reserve)
8:33 (HR160), 8:38 (HR165), 8:28 (HR169), 8:37(HR169)
so excited...made my goal
the last mile was HARD
finished the run with 3 cool-down miles
10:02, 9:54, 9:38
and when i got home i had a BIG glass of chocolate milk
i deserved it :)
i've pretty much settled on a redemption race...
the smokey bear run/10k
saturday september 25th
its a pretty small race
about an hour from here
in other news. the kids have started running
i can't tell you how happy this makes me.
shan wants to do cross county for school
and ryne is just running
both kids and even drew have been taking turns on the treadmill :)
i told them it would be fun to do a family 5k
so i think the plan is to do the komen breast cancer 5k in oct as a family.
ryne has already been saying...
"i have to run tmr i better drink more water"
he has been running 2-3 miles a day
so proud of him :)

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