Sunday, November 21, 2010

a little hail and a whole lot of happiness

i've really been getting the urge the last couple days to run long.

its been 2 weeks since the marathon.
and boy, have i missed running.

i love that "urge", that feeling, to run...
its a great feeling...
the anticipation...
i was so excited when i woke up this morning to go run.

planned on going slow.
just enjoying the run.
all 12 miles of it.

set out this morning at 7 with my tunes
within ten minutes it was drizzling.
no big deal.
wore my new rain jacket,
had my gloves & hat on
no problem.
then it was pouring...loved it :)
i was only about 3 miles into my run
huge lightening lit up the sky.
rain...i like
lightening...i don't
turned around and headed home.
a little bummed,
but i was sloshing in the rain
so i could only smile.
the raindrops were huge...
and then they turned into hail
little hail ball were falling all round me.
and i just laughed.

made it back home
and was soaked,
but i was happy :)
not the 12 miles i was hoping for,
but any day i get to run is a good day.

5.41mi/ 52:51/avgHR 164/ avg. pace 9:45

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