Sunday, November 28, 2010

jump 4 joy!!

outtake from our christmas card photo shoot :)
 this is what i feel like inside :)
finally...the fog has lifted.
i feel like i'm finally back to my normal self after the marathon.
the motivation is back...and i'm ready to go.
been thinking lots about my goals & new challenges (running-wise) i'd like to pursue this next year.
* i need to run another marathon. i want redemption...i know i can do better.
   i've been marathon shopping, and a few have caught my eye.  but my plan is to run CIM next december.

* i want to do some trail runs. pinnacle training systems is putting on a trail series near here, lake hensley. it features both mountain biking and trail running.  i would love to do the 10k trail run....maybe even the duathlon (1mi run, 4mi bike, 1 mi run) 

*i want to race some shorter stuff.  i have yet to run a 5k...must do that. 

* i want to build up my base of miles.  i want to keep my average weekly mileage about 45-50 miles.

* i want to run some half marathons.

* i want to improve my core/leg strength.  that means incorporating more weight/strength training.

i'm planning on doing a trail run...jan 23, feb 6, or feb 20
feb. 19th....local 5k...judicata run
april 23...shinzen run/walk 5 mi race
may 22nd...fresno classic half marathon
june 19th..father's day run 6 mi run
july 4th...fourth of july run 4 mile
sept...smokey bear 10k
nov...two cities half marathon

that is my plan.
here's to a new year filled with lots of running :)

10.15mi/ 1:42:16/ avgHR 156/ avg pace 10:04
longest run since the marathon. ran with kristina...nice and easy :)

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