Thursday, November 18, 2010

back on track...hopefully.

i ran today.

actually i ran 6 mi last sunday.
but i think i overdid it...
i came home hobbling...
wasn't sure if it was my shoes,
or if i still wasn't recovered.

but i've been resting since sunday,
and today went for an EASY 3 miles.
it felt pretty good.
so nice to be out running again.

i also followed it up with alot of stretching
and some core/leg work.

i've been lamenting the retirement
of my favorite shoes...
nike pegasus 26's.
after running the marathon
they were about at their top mileage.

i have a pair of the pegasus 27's,
but i'm not too fond of them.
they are not as cushioned as the 26's.
i thought about venturing out
and finding another brand that feels good
but...i'm a creature of habit :)
so i've been scouring the internet
and finally found a pair
in size 10
so i ordered them :)

makes me so happy!!
i will be back running in cushioned bliss next week.

1 comment:

Chris and Lisa said...

so glad you are back updating your blog..i was starting to worry about you.

i'm sick, loren is treadmill for me and for the first time in my life, i might admit i kinda miss it.

glad you are back on track and new shoes are coming :) now i need a new bra