Friday, June 03, 2005

schools out.

Well today was Ryne's last day at Montessori. There was an end-of-school picnic tonight. Everyone brought blankets, had dinner, listened to childrens music, had ice cream sundaes, and visited. It is such a nice event for the whole family, and the weather was gorgeous. The kids really had a good time running around with their friends. For some, this was a sad event because they know they will not be returning next year, but for us, it was just another happy Montessori memory. We will be coming back next year. Shannon will be in the same class that Ryne was in this year. And she is super excited about it too, she can't stop talking about it. So, we are off to start our summer.

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Debbie Nash said...

I see your amazing quote by Dr. George Sheehan and I have been doing a little research on him lately to see if he was Montessori educated...Do you know much about him?
He passed away my Junior year in high school and although I did not know him personally, as a runner his death hit me hard. He was and still is an inspiration.