Monday, June 20, 2005

the heart of a boy

When i read the art journal challenge prompt for this week, I knew the exact picture I wanted to use for the wings. I’ve had this picture of my dad when he was about 2 that i absolutely love. (circa 1948). Found the book page with the title “the heart of a boy”, and that is what I went with.
used 7 gyspies tissue paper for the background then added acrylics and glaze over it. Put some paper and book pages on top, then used some bubble wrap for stamping, along with the dragonfly and silverware stamp.

Journaling:a little boys heart is full of happiness, full of love, and full of life. a little boy may seem rough and tough on the outside, but his heart is as soft as butter. a little boy love to build, imagine, and play in the dirt. little boys soon grow to be men, but they still remain boys at heart.

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