Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I woke up this morning with a sense of nervousness. Our trip to Florida is only a WEEK a way. I have not done my usual list making yet. I feel very out of sorts. A ten day trip to the beach and Disneyworld with 3 kids...need I say more. Just trying to sort out in my brain what we are doing and what to bring. And I have to factor in that Ryne wears about ten pairs of underwear a day. These kids never want to wear clothes when they are home. So if a speck of water or anything else spills on Ryne, he has to change. We've already talked about bringing extra clothes on the airplane just in case. I'm so glad that we have a washer and dryer in the condo we rented at the beach. Looks like I'm gonna be doing some wash.

Rich and I have been dreaming about what our vacation is going to be like. We have visions of spending days on the beach reading or working on my art journal. We just want to relax and spend time with Aunt Wendy & Uncle Bob and the kids before heading to Disneyworld. But after many days of this daydreaming, I had a realization that, in all likelihood, this is not how the vacation will be. The kids are super active, and are always doing something, and getting into something. Ryne's mind has to be involved. I'm sure we will be doing some sort of oceanic experiment of some kind while on this trip. Ryne and Shannon will undoubtedly be giving us many singing and dancing shows at night or on the beach. And Daddy will be helping Drew make lots of sandcastles. We are going to be wearing our cruise directors hat on this vacation. No relaxation in sight for us, but that is ok. We will be soaking every minute of it in, and of course I will be taking lots of pictures. I guess we will have to wait for the relaxation vacation til the kids are older. :)

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Lisa said...

Don't fret it - enjoy your vacation. When you want to take a relaxing vacation, that is when you and Rich leave the kids with Aunt Lisa and Uncle Chris and go somewhere. HAHAHAAH!!!