Monday, February 07, 2011

suck it up buttercup.

i have been feeling exhausted.
this new training program is really kicking my butt.
sunday morning...
i showed up to run, but my head was not in it.
i was TIRED, and really was dreading the run.
i was complaining...
the whole run felt hard.
my breathing felt really labored, and my legs were sore.
and it was only 10 miles.
in my mind...i kept thinking about the marathon...
how can i possibly think i can run 26.2?
what am i thinking???
major negative thoughts going on.

i got home from the run feeling even more exhausted,
and probably dehydrated.
i wanted to eat everything in sight.

i had a bunch of water & gatorade to drink,
had some eggs & hashbrowns
and as my head began to clear,
i decided to look at the stats from the run.
i was amazed.
i averaged 9:05 pace for 10 miles with an avg HR 152.
wow! i was in shock.
i couldn't believe my HR was that low...
it felt immensely harder than that.
maybe it was all in my head.
maybe i need to concentrate on having a better mood...
despite being tired & sore...
after all, i don't HAVE to run.
i run because i WANT to.

i need to be positive.
i need to stop making excuses why i can't run fast.
this is the fastest i have ever run in my life,
and yes it will make me tired & sore.
but i will recover and rest...
and get stronger and stronger.
i just need to do it.
i've already made huge improvements
in the month that i've run with my group.
i just need to go with it.
trust that it will work.

s u c k   i t   u p   b u t t e r c u p !

Training: Week of Jan 31-Feb 6
mon: rest day
tues: 3x1mi, 1x1/2mi  6.21mi  avg 8:20  (7:53,7:40,7:42,3:40)
wed: 10 mi easy  avg 9:28
thurs: 8.3mi MarathonPace up hospital hill avg 8:45 (2mi warm, 8:33 ,8:30, 8:41, 8:33, 8:47, 8:32, 1 mi. cool)
fri: rest day
sat: tempo 9mi. avg 8:40  (tempo 8:06, 8:09, 8:12)
sun: long run 10 mi avg 9:05
43.61mi for the week
243.23mi YTD

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