Saturday, February 19, 2011

over the edge.

a wise person once told me...
that when you're training...
you're on the edge of improving
and getting injured.
it's a fine line.
you have to know when to pull back
when you feel you're about to go over the edge.
you really have to know & listen to your body.

since i've been training for modesto
i've really been pushing it...
and pushing it hard.
i have hard time letting up...
and didn't listen to the signals my body was giving me...
and finally went over the edge.

i'm injured.
my hip/glute (piriformis) on the left side is/was in pain. (feels much better now)

last weeks training was tough,
but i was feeling good.
stronger than i had in a long time.
i could really see tons of improvement.

training week of february 7th-february 13th
monday-rest day
tuesday-speedwork 4x1mi  7 mi total  (7:42, 7:36, 7:34, 7:22)
wednesday- 10 miles easy  avg 9:18
thursday- tempo-hospital hill  8.57mi  avg8:34
friday-strength/core 40minutes
saturday- long run 18.42 mi avg 8:47
sunday- easy run 10mi  (noticed left glute a little sore)
weekly total 54.24mi

monday was a rest day, and tuesday was speedwork.
i wasn't sore or anything, so i was pushing hard.
we had 1x2mi @half marathon pace (8:13, 8:16)
2x1mi @10k pace (7:28, 7:37)
1x1/2mi @5k pace (3:29)
that last half mile interval was SO tough.
and i'm sure that is when i went over the edge.

by tuesday night i was in pain.
my glute was throbbing.
starting taking motrin & stretching & icing.
i knew i couldn't run on run on wed.
i was just praying that i recovered quickly.
well...i've been resting since tuesday.
decided not to run the bakersfield half.
i was alot better by yesterday,
but didn't want to risk making it worse.
this morning i can still notice it a little bit,
but it is a million times better.

i'm really bummed i couldn't run.

going to try and run tmr...we'll see how it goes.

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