Monday, September 04, 2006

scenes from yesterday

just a nice relaxing day at our house. started working on my curtains today. actually, i'm making roman shades for the kitchen. got this awesome new amy butler fabric. and i'm in love with these colors. so bright and fun. rich was inspecting the underneath of our truck. friday, as i was running errands, i started up the truck and the starter kept on going. i rushed home with it smoking. turned off the car, jumped out and the starter was still running. LOL. finally stopped a few minutes later. totally burned up. so rich was checking out how big a job it would be. looks like it will be a big one. so the tow truck will be called today.
finally got to finish a scrapbook page i have been working on. love the bright colors.
and today we start homeschool, so yesterday i made this posterboard. it is our daily schedule. our house just runs more smoothly with a schedule. this way ryne knows what to expect at any point during the day, and if there are changes i tell him in the morning. and shannon has been asking what time it is lately, and trying to figure out the whole telling time thing, so this will help alot.

this is a great pix of drew. pretending to be jimmy page. daddy hooked up the new tv and stereo and was blasting led zeppelin. so of course the kids grab the guitars and jam. so funny. :)

i have really been trying to get better about meal planning and grocery shopping. we have gone an entire week without eating out. that is monumental for us. so we celebrated with a big mac and fries yesterday. HA! i've been dying for some fries and a mcdonald's coke. :)

if anyone has a good recipe, let me have it. i need to expand our menu.

hope you have a great day!

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RACHEL =) said...

You are one busy gal, that's for sure!!!!!!!!
Love all the pics... =)